Tough question: TechQuest or advanced training and networking at #CommunityLIVE?

CommunityLIVE Breakout

When you can only choose one OnBase conference, how do you choose? I’ll share my own thought process with you to help you make your choice.

This July, I’ll have the opportunity to participate in my 25th TechQuest, and in September, my 10th CommunityLIVE. These two events offer attendees the chance to experience the latest OnBase features, tap expert advice and network with their peers.

While both events offer unique opportunities – and I truly recommend attending each one every year – if you were forced to choose between CommunityLIVE and TechQuest, which should you choose?

Let me break it down for you.

TechQuest: A full week of hands-on, focused training

TechQuest is offered three times each year and takes place at the Hyland Software’s headquarters in Westlake, Ohio. We’ve got two more coming up this year: July 31 – August 5 and again November 13 – 18.

Over six days, OnBase professionals get an in-depth experience of the latest features and functionality during more than 70 hands-on sessions.

Consistently, each TechQuest we host energizes my inner OnBase geek. Having attendees here on the campus where the development of OnBase takes place is just cool. If they have a question, want to see functionality or have an enhancement request, they’re right where the magic happens.

Speaking of magic, let’s talk about CommunityLIVE.

CommunityLIVE: Our annual user conference

CommunityLIVE, from September 11 through 15, brings 1,500+ OnBase end users, developers, executives and experts from industries all around the world to Orlando, Florida. This is so much more than just an OnBase user conference. It’s where you can learn how every department in your organization can work better, smarter and faster.

Our annual technology conference begins with two days of Advanced Training. This “pre-conference training” allows OnBase Professionals to get their hands on our industry-leading enterprise content management software and engage in technical training – even earning system admin or workflow management certifications.

Then, it’s on to the three-day “compressed conference” – CommunityLIVE’s main event, so to speak.

Altogether, we’re talking a total of five days of continual excitement, networking and engaging with every type of OnBase Professional from executives, Champions, System Administrators and so on.

If you’re wondering how other organizations, different industries or peers from across the globe are using their solutions to optimize processes, make life easier and increase service, CommunityLIVE is the place to be.

Answering the toughest question

Being part of the Education Services team at Hyland, I’ve engaged with OnBase professionals from around the world at both CommunityLIVE and TechQuest. If you can’t join us for both, know that they’re both really great experiences.

So I guess my answer to the tough question is this: I can’t choose. Both of these events can help you grow as a professional. So you have to come to either TechQuest or CommunityLIVE and make me give you an answer in person.

If you can join us for both, you’ll get the best of both worlds – and have twice the opportunity to find me to say “Hello!”

And you can find out if I’ve changed my answer.

Carissa Nettle

Carissa Nettle

Carissa Nettle has been part of Hyland Global Services since 2007 and is currently the Program Manager. During this time, she has shared her knowledge with thousands of individuals around... read more about: Carissa Nettle

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