The top 10 social media moments at #CommunityLIVE 2016


Reflecting back on my fourth #CommunityLIVE, I am continually impressed by how much our flagship user event evolves year-over-year. And as Hyland’s social media manager, I’m elated and blown away by the tremendous amount of social activity I witnessed in Orlando (online and offline in the Tweet Suite!).

From the pub quiz to early morning workout sessions to general session and everything in-between, our customers, partners, Hyland employees and executives were documenting their experiences at #CommunityLIVE on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and of course on The OnBase Blog.

Looking back at all the social media activity over the course of the conference, I selected my top 10 social media moments from the event. Here they are:

10. Carissa Nettle’s pre-conference training OnBase 101 class:

9. The OnBase swag was strong this year:

8. The OnBase Innovation Awards for streamlining processes:

7. This year, we debuted yoga and boot camp classes for not only our employees, but all #CommunityLIVE attendees:

6. OnBase customer and Hyland enthusiast, Caleb Wederquist, was a tweeting machine! Here he is celebrating Miguel Zubizarreta with Hyland product evangelists, Carolyn Kane and Colleen Alber:

5. Customers, partners and employees were tweeting up a storm from their sessions:

4. With 7 Snapchat filters available at the conference and evening events, we had hundreds of attendees snapping their way through the week:

















3. The Unlimited Potential YouTube videos were not only inspiring, but impressive:
2. The Closing Reception at Universal Studios was a fun way to celebrate a fantastic week:


1. David Pogue shared technology trends and serenaded the crowd:

Narrowing it down to just 10 was not an easy task! Is there something you think I missed? Post your favorite moments from the week in the comments section below.

And now, the countdown to Vegas has begun! See you September 17-21, 2017 for #CommunityLIVE 2017.

Alana Coticchia

Alana Coticchia

As the Social Media Team Lead at Hyland, Alana has a very unique position to provide customers, partners, prospects and employees a window, via social media, into one of the... read more about: Alana Coticchia

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  1. Avatar David Pogue says:

    Such a great roundup!

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