The top 10 reasons I attend #CommunityLIVE

Hyland’s annual user conference, CommunityLIVE, has always been a place where customers, partners and Hylanders come together to learn, collaborate and draw inspiration from one another. This year will be no different.

Except for the fact that it’s going to the biggest and best user conference yet.

As one of Hyland’s Financial Services VOGUE Board of Directors, I’m excited to bring you the Top 10 reasons you should register today to attend CommunityLIVE 2017! Drum roll, please.


Check out a show or enjoy the sights around this incredible city. If you’re the gambling type, who knows, you may even hit the JACKPOT while in town!

9. The Food!

From the breakfast menu to lunch, and even the afternoon refreshments, you’re sure to be satisfied during the entire conference. Be sure to choose wisely from those amazing desserts!

8. Evening Events!

Enjoy the great evening events that Hyland plans for you! The opening and closing events always make lasting memories, so make sure you plan your travels so you don’t miss these two events.

7. OnBase SWAG!

Pick up the latest OnBase swag for yourself and co-workers.

6. The Latest and Greatest Just for YOU!

Attending sessions and training classes gives you a front-row seat to check out the latest enhancements to the OnBase platform. There are more than 380+ different sessions and training classes over the five days of CommunityLIVE!

It’s always exciting to see what’s in store for the latest release! And this year, OnBase 17 has more than 9,000 enhancements that will be on display.

5. The Keynote!

Listening to visionary keynote speakers is always a highlight. In fact, Hyland continually steps up their game with regard to keynote speakers.

This year will surely not disappoint, with entrepreneur, CEO, and author Josh Linker providing insights on creativity and innovation. Then, prepare to be amazed by The Passing Zone, who will deliver an innovative and motivational keynote speech you’ll never forget.

4. Self-Paced Labs!

Over 20+ hands-on self-paced labs for you to choose from. Get your hands on the module or process you’ve been dying to check out!

3. Networking!

CommunityLIVE is the perfect time to network and expand your personal OnBase Community! Make sure to pack those business cards and make it a point to meet others with the same love for OnBase.

2. CommunityCENTRAL!

This is your chance to meet with the OnBase experts! And they’re waiting there, just for you.

Go right to the sources with your questions, comments or challenges. Your board members are also here to help you connect with the people in the know.

1. Financial Services VOGUE!

Don’t miss the Tuesday Financial Services VOGUE (Vertical OnBase Group of User Experts) session! We want to see our members that have been with us over the years. We also want to meet and get to know all our new members!

There you go. Ten reasons to get to Vegas this September. Have you registered?

Until then, check out the Financial Services VOGUE on Facebook!


Jeannie Kearns

Jeannie Kearns is currently the Vice President of Document Imaging for First Bank (First Bancorp) and Hyland’s Financial Services VOGUE Director of Communications. Although she graduated from NC State University... read more about: Jeannie Kearns

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