The Secret to a Successful OTTC: Get Involved

We’re just a day or so away from OTTC 2012, Hyland Software’s annual OnBase Training & Technology Conference. And if you’re anything like me, you’re using these last few moments to make sure you’ve nailed down all the details.

You’re thumbing through the course list, plotting out your agenda for the week, maybe making plans to have dinner with peers and colleagues. You want to make the most of your trip. You want to see a return on your time investment. You want to come back from the conference with actionable results, pumped up and ready to make a difference in your organization.

I’m with you. I’m there. And I’m going to tell you how to do just that.

Get involved. Make your voice heard.

Because OTTC isn’t about Hyland Software or OnBase.

OTTC is about you.

It’s about you having access to every one of us at Hyland Software – from developers to solutions experts to tech services and training and support. Compliment, question or complaint, this is the time to share those thoughts, face-to-face, with anyone of us.

That includes me and any member of our leadership team. If you see me in the hall, I encourage you to stop me and say hello, ask me questions and share your thoughts. And I commit to doing the same. You are a Hyland partner, and we need to know what you think for both of us to realize success.

OTTC is about you making each session and presentation your own. Rather than listening quietly and taking notes, come to each session armed with every question, comment and concern you can carry. Then share your stories with us and with your peers. Make your voice heard. Be involved in the session. Your experience enriches us all.

If there isn’t time to join the conversation, note who the presenter is and then stop her in the hall or sit across from him at lunch. Share your ideas and use the presenter as a sounding board. Maybe ask him to join you in a hands-on demo to try your idea out. Our experts learn just as much from our customers and their real-world experience with OnBase as when they teach in a class or interact on Community.

After all, you are the variable that makes every OTTC successful. We’re there mostly to facilitate conversation. To jump start your thoughts and inspire ideas. When those thoughts and ideas come to you, we encourage you to involve the people around you.

And that gets to the heart of the matter.

Dedicate every moment of OTTC to connect with the greater community of OnBase users. Meet with peers in and outside your industry. Talk about your challenges and share your solutions. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years is that whatever ECM problem we think is unique to us, someone else has already faced it and conquered it. Now it’s on us to learn from them.

Afterward, stay connected. Join the conversation on Community, our online home for OnBase customers. Be a part of your industry user group. Reach out to our training and services team to learn more about how to implement your ideas. Call us, email us, and share your thoughts socially on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Use the #ottc hashtag and we’ll find you.

Better than that, others who have been where you are will find you, reach out to you and help you become even more successful. All because you got involved.

Because rather than coming to OTTC, you became a part of OTTC.

Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. See you there!


AJ Hyland

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