Take control of your data with Governance Rules as a Service

We live in a world driven by information where we hear about data privacy concerns and high-profile data breaches almost every week. Organizations are facing new information governance obligations, like GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act. Data compliance penalties and information security risks have never been higher.

Are you prepared?

The current environment demands stronger information governance (IG) controls to address legal requirements and reduce overall risk. But there are challenges. Organizations are expected to be aware of and comply with all applicable laws and regulations around the world, in every market where they conduct business.

This means not only must you know your business, legal and regulatory obligations, but you also need to be able to demonstrate that you are applying these rules in a systematic way to the information you keep. For example, a Canadian manufacturer that does business in France is required to save accounting records for six years from the end of the fiscal year in Canada, but the laws in France are 10 years from date of record creation. This can be difficult to manage.

Thoroughly researching the law to fully understand what legal requirements apply to your organization is the only way to truly know what your obligations are. Not only are time and resources required to find, interpret and keep up to date on regulations, equally as burdensome is applying these rules to the information contained within the computer systems in your organization.   

Introducing a brand new solution

To help organizations best manage the evolution of information management requirements around the world, Hyland has partnered with Iron Mountain, the world’s largest and most trusted information management company, to jointly develop the brand new Governance Rules as a Service solution.

With this powerful solution, your organization will be able to subscribe to the information governance rules related to specific business processes and through a fully automated connection to OnBase, those governance rules are linked to the relevant document types. The governance rules (retention, privacy and data compliance) are maintained and updated over time by the Iron Mountain subscription-based service used by many of the world’s most-regulated companies.

Now, your organization can subscribe to retention rules from an on-demand service backed by the best legal research in the industry without having to build a legally defensible program from scratch. In fact, Iron Mountain maintains the highest-quality legal research database in the industry through its international network of law firms across 150+ jurisdictions, with peer-reviewed quality checks and program governance performed by an in-house team of licensed attorneys. Over time, you can easily expand your governance programs by subscribing to additional document types.

Check the solution out @ CommunityLIVE

To see the brand new solution in action, visit the Governance Lounge in CommunityCENTRAL and attend the session “Reduce Risk & Improve Compliance with Governance Rules as a Service,” Thursday at 3:15 p.m.

With subscription-based access to the leading retention, privacy and data compliance platform, and available expert advisory services to help you comply with existing and new regulations, your organization is empowered to:

  • Stay connected to the latest information governance rules from around the world
  • Reduce unnecessary exposure to data breaches
  • Reduce the risk of fines
  • Save on information storage costs

With a direct connection to OnBase, you can ensure your content is securely and appropriately retained only as long as it needs to be. Utilizing this solution, you proactively comply with laws and regulations – wherever you do business.

Jaclyn Inglis Clark

Jaclyn Inglis Clark

Over the last few years working at Hyland, creator of OnBase, Jaclyn has definitely started to drink the Kool Aid – day and night enthusiastically discussing the wonderful benefits of... read more about: Jaclyn Inglis Clark

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