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In the world of 2020 (it’s not just a year anymore … it’s an entire world), sharing information securely is more important than ever. Whether you’re lucky enough to be back in your office or if you’re still working from home (or have always worked from home), using the right tool to share business information takes some thought.

Let’s consider some of your sharing options.

Are you using email? If you are sending confidential or sensitive information, is it encrypted? Are you using a personal sharing tool to send business files? (Please say no!) Or maybe your IT team set you up with an FTP site or a portal? (If so, can you remember how to login and use it?) For our Hyland customers, how are you sharing OnBase or Perceptive Content files with someone who can’t login to those systems, but still needs the documents?

If any of those questions gave you pause and made you consider if you are safely sharing files, especially with staff working from home, it might be time to check out Hyland’s cloud-based enterprise sharing tool, ShareBase. We designed ShareBase specifically for corporate use and developed it to work seamlessly with other Hyland systems.

Trends in secure sharing

We are seeing some interesting trends this year from our ShareBase customers, including the following:

  • Loan applications increased during the Small Business Administration (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). This was the first trend we saw early on during the ongoing health crisis. In fact, one of our customers saw a 1,000 percent increase in loan volume in only seven days. ShareBase allowed the organization to securely and quickly receive financial files from loan applicants, allowing it to work the loan more quickly before funds ran out.
  • Human Resources onboarding is another area we have seen explode now that Human Resources staff is working remotely, but still need to securely share files back and forth with new hires. ShareBase allows HR to collaborate with new employees so they don’t have to spend their first days filling out paperwork.
  • Digital evidence sharing between police departments and attorney offices of body camera and dashboard camera footage has been on-trend for ShareBase since the beginning. Video files are large and difficult to email; ShareBase makes that process easy with the click of a button and the ability to add security and expiration dates to the share.

Rapid startup

One thing that sets ShareBase apart is the rapid implementation and ease of scalability to fit your needs. Since ShareBase is cloud-based, you can go from investing in it to go-live in less than 24 hours.

The intuitive interface allows you to drag and drop your files and then create a secure link for sharing. It’s so easy, you don’t need to train users or those you are sharing files with!

Extension of your content management system

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a secure sharing tool is the ability to leverage your existing systems, especially the investment in your content management system. For our OnBase and Perceptive Content customers, ShareBase is the natural fit to extend your investment and to automate your processes.

Hyland customers are using ShareBase to extend their systems for the following:

  • Contract management
  • Public records request management
  • Sharing financial files with auditors
  • Mergers and acquisition collaboration
  • Securely receiving Financial Aid information from students and parents
  • Sharing and receiving photos, videos, and files for insurance claims

Learn more at these CommunityLIVE sessions

Ready to learn more?

Check out these sessions at CommunityLIVE this week, or during the 60 days you have to view them:

  • Customer success: Maintaining business continuity with remote access via ShareBase – 10/7 @ 14:45 EST
  • Remote working since 2016: Share, collaborate, and store securely with ShareBase – 10/7 @ 13:15 EST
  • Electronic file sharing in an emergency environment – 10/8 @ 12:30 EST
  • Perceptive Content Foundation and Experience Apps – 10/5 @ 10:00 EST

Try it out!

If your organization is experiencing challenges with securely sharing corporate information, you can now join others that are securely sharing documents with ShareBase. You can also extend your OnBase or Perceptive Content systems for secure delivery outside of your Hyland systems.

Visit the ShareBase fall promotion page for more information and to sign up for the limited-time trial.

Sara Rossmiller

Sara Rossmiller

Sara joined the Sales department at Hyland in 2010 in the Higher Education vertical. She moved to the ShareBase Sales Team upon the release of ShareBase in 2016, promoting and... read more about: Sara Rossmiller

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