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It’s kind of a scary word, isn’t it? It reminds me of a manager I had 20 years ago when I was working at the Yellow Pages. Remember those?

Regardless, my manager was kidding around, mostly, but every once in a while, he would stand on his desk and peer over his cubicle walls. His walls were taller than ours because he was a manager. Perched on his desk, peering through the windows at the top of the cube – yes, windows – he would glare at us and ask:

Are you being productive???

The word productivity is also a little frightening because we all have our own definitions of what it is and how you achieve it.

So maybe it’s time – especially since many of us are working remotely – to redefine productivity. After all, in the first six weeks of working from home, U.S. employees worked three hours more per day than they used to, according to Bloomberg.

Realize your full potential

That’s why we’re so excited about Juliet Funt speaking at CommunityLIVE this year. In addition to the topics she mentions above, Funt is an evangelist for unburdening talent from low-value busywork and unleashing its full potential.

Sounds like a theme.

As an entrepreneur and CEO, Funt’s approach is to utilize strategic pausing and thinking time – what she considers essential for high performance. She even goes so far as to call herself a warrior against modern workplace busyness that saps our creativity, productivity, and engagement.

In a world where we’re overwhelmed with information and communication, it makes sense. Sometimes you just need to stop.

Maybe Vanilla Ice was way ahead of his time, but we really should “stop, collaborate, and listen.”

Sorry about that. Anyway, many times, strategic listening means listening to a customer or coworker. But sometimes, it also means listening to yourself.

We all know when our spidey sense is tingling (I’ll stop now), so we have to pause and think about what it’s trying to tell us. Maybe subconsciously, we’re thinking of a better way of doing things during this era of massive change. And if we listen to ourselves, we can surface that great new idea.

Improve personal efficiency

Before the challenges of 2020, many organizations looked at the goal of improving personal efficiency as a “nice to have.” Now this skill is critical for success. Juliet Funt is the perfect guide for helping you master it.

The days of management walking around, staring at everyone, and making them nervous are long gone. Now it’s all about hiring the right people and then giving them the tools to release their talents.

Join this relevant keynote to help your organization get to the next level of work-from-home thoughtfulness. Dare I say … productivity?

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Scoop Skupien

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