Perceptive peeps: Get ready to invade #CommunityLIVE!

My job is fun. I get to travel the country, getting to know you – our customers – at Regional User Group meetings. I listen to your concerns, connect you with support and resources, and answer your questions.

When I talk with Perceptive-turned-Hyland customers in particular, one question comes up over and over again. If you’re one of these loyal customers, you can probably guess what it is: What’s going to happen to the solutions I know and love?

The short answer: your solutions aren’t going anywhere and they’re only going to get better!

I feel lucky that our relationships mean we’re able to talk transparently, face-to-face, about things like this. Like what Hyland’s acquisition of Perceptive means for you, your current solutions, and the health of your business.

But as often as I tell you how much Hyland cares about you and the platforms that keep your organization running, it would be easier to show you. Luckily, CommunityLIVE does just that.

CommunityLIVE: Not just about OnBase

To see how much Hyland cares about Perceptive customers, join us in Nashville, September 9 – 13. CommunityLIVE is not just an OnBase conference – it’s a Hyland conference. That means it’s for you, our valued heritage Perceptive customers, who are now a part of the Hyland family, and the content available reflects that.

Learn from sessions and training opportunities designed just for you, including:

  • Perceptive-related sessions in each of the industry tracks, like “Building Your Perceptive Accounts Payable Solution” in the Back Office track
  • An entire product track dedicated to Perceptive solutions
  • Hands-on technical training courses for Perceptive Content on Sunday and Monday

In total, there are 90+ sessions related to Perceptive. We think you’ll also get value from many of the broader topics covering all Hyland solutions, such as content services and security, and the user groups and general sessions.

It’s not just what you know, but who you get to know

CommunityLIVE isn’t just about technology. Like the Inspire conferences you attended in years past, this conference provides an opportunity to network with thousands of your peers to see how they’re using our innovative solutions to manage and deliver information the way we expect in the 21st Century.  From self-paced labs to more than 350 sessions, there are opportunities to learn for end users and admins as well as managers and executives.

Thank you for continuing to be such dedicated customers and friends through our transition into a more robust organization with even more innovative ways to help you – I can’t wait to see you in September.

Get more details, download the full session descriptions, or register for the conference today!

Lucy McGilley

Lucy McGilley

Lucy McGilley is Hyland’s Customer Community Manager. She manages user groups and all the activities and events that come with them. Her primary responsibilities are the RUGs (Regional User Groups),... read more about: Lucy McGilley

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