Partnering with Iron Mountain brings governance rules to OnBase content


In our increasingly digital world, we hear about privacy concerns and high-profile data breaches almost every day. Now, we’re starting to see laws addressing some of these concerns. Are you ready to comply?

The latest – and most stringent – data protection law addressing growing concerns over how personal data is used is the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect May 25, 2018. This regulation is extremely important, as it applies not only to companies physically based in the EU, but it also applies to those outside of the EU who conduct business with EU data subjects.

“If GDPR compliance doesn’t start with information governance, you’ll probably fail,” says Forbes.

There is a heightened need to be more mature in your information governance (IG) practices by taking a holistic approach to managing all types of information throughout its lifecycle, especially personally identifiable information (PII). That means you must know your business, legal and regulatory obligations regarding the way you manage personal data. You also need to be able to demonstrate compliance.

In short, you need to have a unified view into what personal information you have, where it lives, who owns it, how to treat it and how long to keep it.

You may also be responsible for implementing controls and/or policies to ensure your organization is complying with these types of laws and regulations. Those responsibilities may include interpreting laws and identifying compliance requirements for managing information, such as retention rules and privacy obligations, so you can properly protect and legally dispose of information when it’s no longer required. That’s challenging when the regulatory environment is constantly changing due to existing and new regulations, such as the GDPR.

But if you don’t have a well-executed retention program, you risk incurring unnecessary cost and risk by keeping information longer than required.

Don’t worry, be proactive

To help organizations best manage the evolution of privacy and data laws, Hyland has partnered with Iron Mountain, the world’s largest and most trusted storage and information management company, to begin designing and developing an integration that automatically applies information governance rules to OnBase content.

Your organization will be able to subscribe to the retention rules related to specific business processes. Through the integration, OnBase document types will be assigned a retention rule that is maintained over time by an Iron Mountain subscription-based service used by many of the world’s most-regulated companies.

For the first time, OnBase customers will be able to purchase retention rules from an on-demand service backed by the best legal research in the industry. In fact, Iron Mountain acquires high-quality legal research through its international network of law firms across 150+ jurisdictions, with peer-reviewed quality checks and program governance performed by an in-house staff of licensed attorneys. Over time, organizations can easily expand their governance programs by subscribing to additional document types.

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To see a preview of the planned integration, visit the Retention Lounge in the Exhibitor Hall and attend the education sessions on “Managing Retention with OnBase Document Retention and Policy Center” led by Jennifer Crawford, product manager at Iron Mountain.

With subscription-based access to a cloud-based retention and data privacy policy management platform with expert advisory services to help you comply with existing and new regulations, your organization is empowered to:

  • Keep your retention and privacy policy management connected, current and compliant
  • Reduce unnecessary exposure to data breaches
  • Decrease the effort required to respond to privacy requests
  • Locate personal information quickly
  • Reduce the risk of fines
  • Save on information storage costs

To learn more about how your organization can improve its information governance program, click here.


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