#OTTC14: Top 10 social media moments


As we continue to recuperate from another successful OnBase Training & Technology Conference (OTTC), we can’t help but reminisce fondly about our week in Orlando.

This year’s event brought many new aspects to our user conference, but as the social media marketing specialist for OnBase by Hyland, there’s one that was especially near and dear to my heart – the Tweet Suite.

Full of comfortable lounge furniture, charging stations and monitors displaying a live feed of social media conversations, the Tweet Suite provided me with an opportunity to not only engage with our fantastic customers, but to keep an eye on what attendees were talking about real-time in the social-sphere as well.

Doing so allowed me to come up with my Top 10 Favorite Social Media Moments from #OTTC14 attendees. Here they are:

1. Awesome partnerships with our resellers:

2. Because everyone enjoys a love story:

3. Love from our host resort Gaylord Palms:

4. Stomping the Beast:

5. Education isn’t just for customers:

6. Creating connections:

7. Stomping the Beast tips learned in sessions: 8. Customers enjoying the venue: 9. International engagement (Mexico):

10. Engaging our online followers offline:

What did I miss? Share your favorite #OTTC14 in the comments section!

Alana Coticchia

Alana Coticchia

As the Social Media Team Lead at Hyland, Alana has a very unique position to provide customers, partners, prospects and employees a window, via social media, into one of the... read more about: Alana Coticchia

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