OTTC 2012 Live: Three Choices to Consider when Investing in ECM

Choice is a crucial concept when considering an enterprise content management (ECM) solution. In order to make the most of your technology investment, you want an ECM solution that provides you with both a roadmap toward future growth – but a roadmap that delivers choices, or options, along the way. You need your solution to flexible and fluid, so that you can create solutions tailored to both your business challenges and opportunities.

Three choices you want to make – or three options you want to have – include deployment, user experience and solution growth.

  • Deployment Choice: Depending on your business goals or technology budget or IT bandwidth, you want to have deployment choices so that you can make the most out of your ECM investment. You also want the flexibility to change the way you deploy your solution as your needs change over time. So ask any potential vendor if they will let you choose to deploy their ECM solution on-premises, in the cloud or through a hybrid of the two. Make sure you have the ability to easily migrate between deployment types based on what best aligns with your organization today and in the future. Make sure you have choices to fit your needs.
  • User Experience Choice: Your employees fill many different roles, with varying responsibilities across a range of locations, devices and operating systems. And as smart devices – phones, tablets – become more prominent in people’s lives, your employees will look for the same choices they have in their personal life in their work life. So a smart ECM solution must allow your users to choose the way they work with their documents and information.  Whether it’s seamless integration with the business applications they use every day, allowing your employees to access the information they need while staying in those applications, or making that information instantly accessible and actionable on their tablet, you want to provide them with a robust, powerful user experience that best facilitates their role.
  • Solution Growth Choice: Your business is dynamic, your needs will change and your processes will evolve. If you do not have options to grow your ECM solution, then it will never truly be a solution. So make sure your vendor offers a flexible and easy-to-use ECM solution, one that’s tailored for departments but comprehensive for the enterprise, designed to give you what you need today and grow with you over time. For Hyland Software, that means eliminating custom coding and providing users with configurable solutions by department and for the enterprise. By using simple checkboxes, menus and radio buttons, OnBase allows users to quickly create and expand solutions. In this way, your choices to build, maintain and grow your ECM solution are limitless.

These are just three simple – but critical – choices you must make as you discover your ECM options. But remember, even before you make these decisions, you want to make sure you have the choice to begin with.


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