My top 5 #CommunityLIVE social media moments

CommunityLIVE No. 5, check!

I guess it’s true what they say, time does fly when you’re having fun. I can’t believe our time in Vegas is over, but I always love looking back at all the activity that took place online and offline after the conference.

From the standing-room-only Tweet Suite to reuniting with customers and making new friends along the way, my fifth trip to our largest user conference was hands-down my favorite.

My top 5

Here are five reasons why:

5. Multiple keynotes

The excitement was palpable after Bill Priemer and Josh Linkner’s inspiring Tuesday morning keynotes. The apprehension I may have had about our afternoon entertainment quickly dissipated as soon as Jon and Owen from The Passing Zone took the stage, threw machetes around and encouraged crowd interaction.

(Caleb and Ed, I’m glad it was you and not me!)

Wednesday’s keynote highlights for me included a trip to Mars and the evolution of ECM to Content Services. I also loved all the tweets that included this great picture of our Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer.

4. Hyland leaders tweeting

Having worked in marketing for more than a decade, I know it’s not the easiest sell to get senior leadership on the social media bandwagon. I’m proud to see our leaders joining in the conversation!

Give them a follow and see what they were saying about CommunityLIVE:

3. General Session opening video

I’m so impressed with the video content our marketing team produces. The crowd seemed to love it as much as I did and thanks to social media, we can share the content for those who may have missed out.

(Bonus video content: Be the star campaign)

2. Facebook Lives

A Hyland first! Our social media team made sure you “knew before you flew” during a pre-CommunityLIVE broadcast featuring Hylander all-stars Carissa Nettle and Colleen Alber.

Then, live from the show, we streamed the Unity Tips & Tricks session where Colleen Alber showcased the software with support from her colleague Rafal Hryniewicz and Hyland customer Caleb Wederquist.

1. Customer social media chatter

Nothing gets better than witnessing our customers, partners and employees interact on their preferred social networks – whether or not that are at CommunityLIVE or interacting from home. There were hundreds of tweets, shares, status updates and more.

Check out the conversations on:

I may have just shared five of my top moments, but I know there was so much more that happened in Vegas. Is there something I missed? Share your favorite memories from the week in the comments section below.

In the meantime, the countdown to Nashville has begun. Mark your calendars because I will see you September 9 – 13, 2018 for #CommunityLIVE in the great city of Nashville!

Alana Coticchia

Alana Coticchia

As the Social Media Team Lead at Hyland, Alana has a very unique position to provide customers, partners, prospects and employees a window, via social media, into one of the... read more about: Alana Coticchia

2 Responses

  1. Avatar Colleen Alber says:

    These were some of my favorites too! Thank you, Alana for making social so easy and fun! Best CommunityLIVE yet.

  2. Avatar Sam Eubanks says:

    CommunityLIVE17 was awesome! I learned a lot of helpful things.

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