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It’s football season and normally, I go through the arduous, player-by-player process of drafting a fantasy football team that gives me the best chance to win the season. Thanks to the challenges of 2020, my team was auto-drafted.

Since I have a unique (and superstitious) way of picking players for my team, I didn’t love the thought, but it’s turned out well so far. In fact, it’s actually leading me to consider the idea that automation can work brilliantly in many places, especially processes that are repetitive.

The buzz has been loud at Hyland with the most-recent addition to our team: Robotic process automation (RPA) technology. This gives us many opportunities to evolve and deliver more value to our customers, and it offers a path for your organization to use cutting-edge technology in this new season.

Free from repetition

By leveraging RPA and allowing software robots to automate repetitive processes for you, you free your staff to focus on higher-value tasks. For me, that means I’ve been able to focus on deeper knowledge about my players, as well as trading opportunities.

Let’s face it, those tedious, time-consuming tasks that nobody likes to do are ideally suited for RPA to handle. Higher-value tasks can be diverse for each organization, but customer outreach, end-user training or cross-training, strategic analysis, process improvement and employee coaching are all better ways to use staff resources.

They’re also achievable examples of when your technology investments truly deliver value.

RPA offers something for everyone

Here are just a few processes that demonstrate the 24/7 potential of RPA:

  • Commercial: Inventory management, shipment tracking, returns processing or work order management tasks
  • Financial services: Reducing security and compliance risks by helping with customer onboarding, loan processing, account closure and reporting
  • Government: Managing contracts, performing look-ups using web-based tools or verifying credential and documentation
  • Healthcare: Processing sensitive data without human involvement for patient billing or appointment and procedure scheduling
  • Higher ed: Supporting financial aid verification, admission file review or transfer credit evaluation and reporting
  • Insurance: Decreasing the need to multitask or prioritize activities within underwriting and claims processing

Evaluate your playbook for potential opportunities

While robotic process automation is an exciting way to transform processing, how can you decide where it might deliver value for your organization? For example, during our strategic workshops we begin with end-user input about the processes they are responsible for, and then ask them what is challenging about those processes.

We also ask, “What are your least favorite tasks?”

This helps identify tasks to automate.

Learn more at CommunityLIVE

You know your business and your staff knows what processes are repetitive and time-consuming. It’s time to re-evaluate your playbook, leverage your end users’ experience and consider RPA.

If you make the right pick, you can build a winning record for future seasons.

Looking to learn more? Tune in to Thursday’s keynote, where John Phelan, Hyland’s chief product officer, will talk more about robotic process automation.

You can also check out the session Introducing Hyland RPA on Thursday, October 8 at 2:45 p.m. EST or visit the RPA showcase in CommunityCENTRAL.

Misty Bradley

Misty Bradley

Misty Bradley is an enterprise advisor with Hyland’s Global Services team. Before coming to Hyland, she spent 15-plus years in both the financial and software industries. As an enterprise advisor,... read more about: Misty Bradley

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