Look for these 4 trending topics at #CommunityLIVE

Welcome to CommunityLIVE 2019! There are a few big reasons I’m extra excited about this year’s conference (in addition to the fact that I get to show off my lovely hometown of Cleveland, Ohio).

Every year, we make it a priority to ensure the conference meets your priorities. We gather your feedback from post-conference surveys, chats at other Hyland events and one-on-one conversations throughout the year. We listen to your business pains, your organizational goals and your strategic initiatives, and work to design an agenda that covers what matters to you.

And this year – probably more so than any other conference in my 8+ years at Hyland – we have a week jam-packed with sessions that not only spotlight specific products and solutions, but also some of the larger trending topics that come up again and again in our wild world of content and information management.

I’m excited to share a hopefully eye-opening sneak peek into some of the trending topics you’ll see all over CommunityLIVE. If you’re joining us for this year’s conference, I challenge you to a friendly competition of “I spy.” Look for these themes, attend the related sessions and wave farewell to Cleveland with best practices, tips and tricks that will help you take your Hyland solution to the next level.

I spy, with my little eye ….

I spy something … cloudy

There’s no doubt about it: You’re already in the cloud. Whether it’s your personal photos or your hosted travel and expense solution, the cloud is part of your daily routine – making access easier, storage more efficient and information more secure.

You can continue to reap these benefits – and more – by taking the same approach for your enterprise content. There’s no coincidence that cloud initiatives are one of the key factors in many an organizations’ digital transformation journey. Disaster recovery, data availability, cost savings, incident response, security standards – the reasons to host your content services solution in the cloud abound.

At CommunityLIVE, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from organizations like yours that have already made the migration to the cloud, hobnob with Hyland Global Cloud Services experts at CommunityCENTRAL and explore the various Hyland cloud applications available to you today.

Bonus points if you can spot the key differences between a privately managed cloud like the Hyland Cloud and its commodity counterparts.

I spy something … intelligent

Intelligent automation technology can take your existing processes to a whole new level – but what are these capabilities and how can you actually leverage them today?

From the ability to automatically tailor and personalize meaningful customer communications to leveraging intelligent capture that automatically classifies, extracts and validates critical information, you have an intelligent automation stack at your disposal.

And CommunityLIVE is the place to see and explore these capabilities first-hand. From product sessions – covering offerings like Brainware for intelligent capture and Content Composer for CCM – to dedicated lounge space, demos and hands-on labs, you’ll leave the conference more intelligent about intelligence (pun intended) and eager to identify places it can add additional value in your own solutions.

I spy something … low code

How low can you go? Very low, when you have a low-code, rapid application development platform at your disposal.

An in-demand feature for IT and business leaders alike, configurability that negates the need for costly, time-consuming custom code not only empowers your IT department, but also equates to quicker resolutions to business problems and faster responses to customer demands.

At CommunityLIVE, you’ll have the chance to explore how many of Hyland’s content services offerings – including process automation and case management capabilities – support a low-code approach to solution creation. Check out some of the technical workshops; be inspired by customer success stories during an interactive panel discussion; and even watch a Hyland low-code pro configure an application start-to-finish in front of your very eyes. You’ll take away new ideas to further leverage your existing Hyland toolkit – and maybe even some new tools you never knew you always wanted.

I spy something … transformative

Digital transformation. Business transformation. Personal transformation.

If I could describe CommunityLIVE in one word, “transformation” would be it. It’s also a topic on all of our executive’s minds as we look to how we are evolving our organizations to take advantage of technology to improve both employee and customer experiences.

And CommunityLIVE is your place to dive into the different ways that you and your Hyland solution can support your larger digital transformation initiatives – whether that’s hearing from an industry analyst about the biggest IT priorities for 2020 and beyond; joining an open space of like-minded tech enthusiasts discussing application building strategy; joining a brand-new track dedicated to your personal professional development; or tuning into the exciting keynotes from Hyland executives, iLuminate entrepreneur and software engineer Miral Kotb and top “Brain Trainer” Trevor Moawad.

I spy … you?

With these and other trending topics hiding around every corner at CommunityLIVE, it’s safe to say you’ll leave this year’s conference a little tired. But hopefully, you’ll also be excited about the opportunity to put into practice everything you see, hear and discuss throughout the sessions, case studies and networking conversations.

I promise 2019 will be an event to remember. I hope to spy you here!

Amanda Ulery

Amanda Ulery

In her more than seven (wonderful) years at Hyland, Amanda Ulery has taken on the mission of sharing the business value of Hyland solutions with anyone who will listen. The... read more about: Amanda Ulery

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