Live from OTTC13: You “Can’t Buy Me Love” for technology, but you can share it!

Hyland CEO Bill Priemer rocking OTTC13

Hyland CEO Bill Priemer rocking OTTC13

As a tech enthusiast, it’s easy to fall in love with all of the new things you learn at a user conference. From software advancements to networking with peers, the wheels start turning about all the exciting improvements you can make in your organization.

And then you go home and face reality.

We’ve all been there – you get back to the office, start rambling like a mad person about everything you learned, and what do you get in response? Blank stares. Or, even worse, reasons why your ideas will never work.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Remember that band you grew up listening to and still love today? Ever tried convincing your friends to start listening? You have to hook them first. It’s the same with technology – start with a framework that lets them fully understand what the benefits are for your technology investment and soon you’ll turn them into fans.

Much like my love for the Beatles, here’s a framework to get your peers onboard with all you’ve taken away from attending a user conference:

1. Play the hit songs – You don’t have to know every Beatles song to be a fan. The same is true for technology. Start by talking with your peers about the high-level benefits of the technology, answering questions like “Why should I care?”

2. Introduce key albums – Once you’ve got them hooked on this hits – like my personal favorite Beatles song, “Can’t Buy My Love” – it’s time to introduce them to the fundamentals of the technology. Explain the overarching benefits of the solution, including a high-level over view of how it works.

3. Make a great mix tape – If you’re anything like me, mix tapes were my way into my high school crush’s heart. I carefully put together Beatles songs that emphasized how I felt for him. The same is true for technology. Articulate to your coworkers how technology will make an impact on their specific job.

Sure, they may not turn into screaming-I’ll-do-anything-to-meet-Paul-McCartney fans, but they will begin to understand the value technology can bring to their lives.


Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti is the content marketing manager for product marketing at Hyland. She joined the company in 2012 as a content strategist and spent the last few years focusing on... read more about: Katie Alberti

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