Live from OTTC13: The Top 13 Moments from this Year’s Conference

What do chocolate pancakes and Elvis have in common? Well, not much – unless you attended this year’s OnBase Training & Technical Conference (now called CommunityLIVE) in Las Vegas.

MiguElvis Zubizarreta showed attendees how to Viva Las Vegas!

MiguElvis Zubizarreta showed attendees how to Viva Las Vegas!

With a decade of conferences under our belt, this year’s OTTC proved to be the best yet, bringing more than 1,400 customers, partners and Hylanders together to focus on how they can increase efficiency throughout their organizations with one product, OnBase.

To recap the week-long event, here are the top 13 moments from OTTC13 (in no particular order):

  1. MiguElvis: Sure, the king may be gone, but he lived on at this year’s conference. A big shout out to our CTO, Miguel Zubizarreta, for making sure the king is never forgotten.
  2. Are you a Beatles or U2 groupie? Wherever your allegiance lies, it’s important to share the love for OnBase with others, much like you would for your favorite band.
  3. More than 700 social mentions and counting: Not only did our staff embrace the social conversation, our customers and partners did as well.
  4. Is Slash our CEO? You would have thought so when Bill Priemer kicked off Tuesday’s general session.
  5. Chocolate Pancakes Are In My Stomach: What? They’re not in yours, too? If you attended the Solution Design class as more than 100 customers did, you’d know that CPAIMS stands for the OnBase Product Categories: Capture, Process, Access, Integrate, Measure and Store.
  6. Speaking of food, did you try the carrot cake? The food was amazing this year – I’m fairly certain no one went hungry in this desert.
  7. Taking it back a few decades: Thanks to our Vertical OnBase Group of User Experts (VOGUEs), attendees got to kick back Tuesday night with a tie-dying event.
  8. Rocktoberfest: Beer and food pairing – need I say more?
  9. Lounging: Who needs a pool when you’ve got the solutions lounge?
  10. Mouse Trap, Kerplunk and Operation: If you weren’t tie-dying T-shirts, more than likely you were in a heated board game during the family reunion night.
  11. Blue Milk: No, milk is not an acceptable answer for Star Wars trivia, as we all learned during Sunday night’s pub quiz.
  12. The biggest beach bash, ever: It may not have occurred yet, but if you’ve attended OTTC in the past, you know that each year they get better and better.
  13. You: That’s right, you. None of this would have taken place without your love for OnBase. This conference is for you.

Did I skip your favorite moment? Post it here and let others know your highlights for the week.


Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti is the content marketing manager for product marketing at Hyland. She joined the company in 2012 as a content strategist and spent the last few years focusing on... read more about: Katie Alberti

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  1. “Welcome to the Jungle” was awesome! But the serious best moment was the reading of the “0 out of 10” feedback. Hyland’s response was amazing. Well done!

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