Live at OTTC 2012: Codeless Forms Creation? Yep, That’s Right

One of the highlights of the 2012 OnBase Training and Technology Conference was Wednesday’s general session, during which Glenn Gibson, Hyland Software’s product marketing manager, and Colleen Alber, a Hyland Software product evangelist, squared off in a mock debate about the benefits of OnBase 12 to a packed house of Hyland customers, prospects, partners and employees. OTTC is Hyland Software’s annual user event, attracting OnBase users from around the globe to learn, talk and share experiences about all things OnBase.

The session generated scores of laughter – and not just at Gibson’s spectacular kilt. It also produced a fair amount of ohs and ahs, especially when Alber talked about Unity Forms.

Unity Forms in OnBase 12 simplifies the creation of electronic forms. Without any HTML or programming knowledge, you can create forms with advanced functionality in a matter of minutes that, previously, would have taken hours, days or weeks with custom programming. Features such as required fields, data validation, calculations with instant results (such as quantity multiplied by price), and the customization of the form’s look and feel can all be configured in an easy-to-use form designer.

“I’m not a developer and I can rapidly create full featured electronic forms that provide a positive user experience without programming,” Alber said. “It’s that simple.”

It’s not just about ease for the user, either. Those whose job it is to create forms – who have the skill set to code an e-form and do it regularly – benefit from the new functionality as well.

“For example, implementing a simple time-off request form, something with some field validation, field level security, dynamically added fields and calculations, would have easily taken a developer a full day or more to create in the original e-forms product,” explained Alber. “With the Unity Forms designer, he can do the same form in 15 to 20 minutes.” And with OnBase 12, as many as 80 percent of forms can be created in Unity Forms.

The information had folks clamoring to learn more. The Unity Forms session, held in one of the largest session rooms at the conference, was standing room only.

With good reason. Beyond ease-of-use and the time saved creating forms, the new functionality eases a customer’s upgrade path as well. Janet Jenkins, senior business analyst with Cobb County, Ga., noted that on Twitter. “Unity forms doesn’t involve programing. This will make upgrades easier! No need to test forms,” she wrote.

Tom Tennant

Tom Tennant

Tom Tennant is the content marketing manager for Hyland Healthcare. He joined Hyland in 2010 as its first brand journalist after far too many years in daily news and trade... read more about: Tom Tennant

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