Live at OTTC 2012: Choosing the Right ECM Partner Makes All the Difference

Hardly a day goes by where we are not faced with some sort of choice. There are the simple choices: choosing a dinner menu or whether to hit the snooze button for a third time. Then there are the complex ones. Choices that require critical thought and careful exploration before a decision is made. After all, our choices offer varying degrees of significance and consequence.

Selecting an enterprise content management (ECM) solution is one of those more complex choices. You have to feel confident that the product will provide solutions that address the unique needs of your business. A product that will not only solve today’s problems, but address the future needs of your business as well.

But there’s another choice to make. One that might even overshadow choosing an ECM system. And that is choosing and ECM partner.

You want a partner that goes above and beyond to make sure you not only have the best possible ECM solution, but the best possible experience. From the company’s approach to support to the development of its product to its training methodology, you want a partner that’s going to work hard to give you the solution you want when you want it, and the solution you need when you need it. That’s something we call “customer delight.”

After all, you want to know your ECM vendor considers itself to be your ultimate resource. You need clear and copious lines of communication. And you want that vendor to collaborate with you to enhance the solution you’ve dedicated to help run your business.

More than that, you want a partner who will help you connect with other users of that ECM solution so that you can network, share ideas and discover solutions that your peers have encountered and conquered.  For example, Community, our online destination for Hyland customers, not only provides detailed information about OnBase solutions, it’s also a place where users can discuss needs on solution-specific forums that are monitored by Hyland experts.

Then there’s the OnBase Training and Technical Conference (OTTC).

While OTTC provides you with every opportunity to enhance your OnBase knowledge – whether that’s  learning about a new module, becoming a certified administrator, or uncovering new solutions in your particular industry – it’s real power is the way it strengthens relationships. Thousands of OnBase professionals gather at these events to share experiences and learn together in classes and training sessions.

Without a strong technology partner, you’re ECM solution is in danger of becoming, at best, underused and, at worst, stagnant and expensive. A true partner will, day in and day out, demonstrate ways your solution can adapt to your ever-changing needs and provide you with a community of users ready to make their success your success.

So get ready. It’s your choice to make.


Kevin Flanagan

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