Live at OTTC 2012: 5 Ways OnBase Makes Your Life Easier

Before we say goodbye to another OnBase Training and Technology Conference (OTTC) and start planning for OTTC 2013, let’s take a moment to check-in with some friends, our OnBase users and administrators. They’ve spent the week learning from and networking with industry peers and OnBase experts from all walks of life. And they’ve had a chance to share their experience with our enterprise content management (ECM) software solution.

What we wanted to know, though, is how OnBase has made our customers’ lives easier. So we asked. And we got five great answers.

1. “It’s helped our company reduce and, in some cases, eliminate paper.” – John Anderson, senior software application developer, Noridian

We hear this one a lot. After all, paper, by way of applications, resumes, receipts, work orders, invoices, bills, and more, consumes time across an organization because of the way the company interacts with it. Human resourcesaccounts payable and receivable, facilities management – even the holy grail of all business, customer service – are all affected by the way paper is handled. Slow processing, difficulty retrieving files, incomplete information, duplicate work – all are productivity killers and customer service nightmares for a business just trying to stay competitive. A smart, easy-to-use document management solution can seamlessly collect, organize, and index the multitude of documents and content into a single 360-degree view for smart decision making a streamline process.

2. “We wouldn’t always know where information was. It could have been on anyone’s desk. We had to track down paperwork. Now we scan it, send it to OnBase, and can see right where information is – and where it is in the process.” – Teresa Rayburn, materials coordinator, Flexco

That’s the other thing about paper. It gets lost. Easily. And when it gets lost, so does the information it carries. And information is the lifeblood of a company. A strategic ECM solution should bring clarity to all of your data, electronic and otherwise, and allow for easy tracking of critical documents. That solution should allow for complete document life cycle management, from input through destruction. Documents that are centralized, searchable and, with the right solution, automatically linked to the appropriate account, customer, patient, employee and so on.

3. “I like OnBase so much it’s hard to come up with one example. It’s made our AP process much more efficient. Not only has it streamlined our process, it’s streamlined other processes across the company at the same time.” – Sharon Ricci, finance manager, FM Global

Ricci further explains that the speed and efficiency, with which her office can capture, approve and process invoices extends to her internal clients who would otherwise be waiting for a slower, paper-based process. OnBase automates that business process so that files are shuttled from office-to-office. It’s all accessible with the click of button, and it’s easy to see where information is in that process.

4. “Hyland Software is so passionate about training its user base and is so transparent about the technology.” – Eric Lohr, senior programmer, Sharp Healthcare

Last year we talked a lot about how training and education might be the single most important software investment you can make. That’s why a robust training program, one that encourages customer involvement and customer connection, is vital to the longevity of any technology solution. It also allows companies to become vendor independent – even promotes it – so that a company can attack a solution on its own with confidence and expertise.

5. “OnBase makes my job harder because there’s so much it can do it makes my to-do list long!” – Kim Dale, senior project manager, Northwestern University

A surprising answer, we have to admit! But trust us when we say that Dale’s answer was given with good humor. What she’s talking about is how OnBase offers a wide range of functionality in one core product. Functionality that isn’t cobbled together from separate, disconnected products and doesn’t require custom coding and services costs to grow the solution. It’s tailored for departments but comprehensive for the enterprise, designed to give you what you need today and grow with you over time.

Tom Tennant

Tom Tennant

Tom Tennant is the content marketing manager for Hyland Healthcare. He joined Hyland in 2010 as its first brand journalist after far too many years in daily news and trade... read more about: Tom Tennant

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