Live at OTTC13: The Value of Training – Get the Most from Your Technology Investment

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Selecting an enterprise content management (ECM) solution is a major decision for any company. One of the most critical elements in determining the success of your choice is whether your investment becomes a true business solution or ends up as unused “shelfware.”

Often, it comes down to training.

If you want an ECM investment that brings short- and long-term sustainable value, training should be one of the key components in your purchase decision.

An ECM vendor that offers a strong training program gives your organization the best chance at user adoption of the solution. A wide range of training options gives customers the opportunity to understand how the ECM product can help make a real impact on their day-to-day work, increasing the use of the solution across the organization.

Training needs to be a catalyst for long-term value in your technology investment. An ECM vendor must offer new and ongoing training, well past initial deployment, specific to your organizational needs. And ECM and industry experts should administer that training.

Training and certification programs shouldn’t require users to learn everything about the solution to be effective, but they must teach users everything they need to know to be successful. Educational opportunities should be more than FAQ sessions and easier to navigate through than an arduous owner’s manual. Whether in-person or online, training must be interactive.

Without ongoing training, how can you be sure that money and additional value from that investment isn’t laying dormant in your organization?


Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti is the content marketing manager for product marketing at Hyland. She joined the company in 2012 as a content strategist and spent the last few years focusing on... read more about: Katie Alberti

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