Juggling chainsaws at #CommunityLIVE

You ever juggle a chainsaw? Me neither.

But this year, to pump up the energy at the end of the official first day of CommunityLIVE, you’ll be able to witness two men juggle chainsaws while dancing in tights and tutus.

That’s … innovative.

Success demands innovation

Let’s face it. To thrive in today’s business world, you not only need to be innovative, you need to stay innovative. And you need to motivate everyone in your organization to do the same.

Sometimes, that might feel like juggling chainsaws.

After all, every day, there are new companies springing up who are born digital. They aren’t encumbered with legacy systems. They aren’t wallowing in a paper-based world. And they definitely aren’t telling their customers they need to call them back because they need to time to find information.

Some of these nimble young companies simply rely on apps to get things done. And while it might be easy to scoff at that today, you might lose a customer to them tomorrow.

They’re fast. And only getting faster. Can you keep up?

The power of learning

That’s where CommunityLIVE comes in. It’s the place to find out how every department in your organization can work better, smarter, and faster.

Meanwhile, customers in your industry will show you how to do that and generate big-time ROI at the same time. And at the end of the first day, we’ll bring it all home with a hilarious, but sometimes dangerous, new style of keynote address.

As our jugglers, known as The Passing Zone, like to say, “In order to succeed, people need to understand the importance of working with others around them. Every moment of this presentation is a clear example of collaboration between two people who have prepared, who rely on each other’s strengths, who communicate, trust, and have fun cooperating.”

The key takeaways from the juggling performance:

  • The importance of recovering from setbacks
  • How working well together creates a cohesive, effective team
  • The value of trust
  • What it takes for teamwork excellence
  • How to foster relationships with partners and customers
  • How to laugh together

I can’t wait to see The Passing Zone, and you, at CommunityLIVE.

But if you’re like me, you definitely won’t be in the front row.

Amy Maxey

Amy Maxey

Amy Maxey joined Hyland in June 2014 as a member of the events team, leading the planning efforts for CommunityLIVE, our annual customer conference. As manager of our global conferences... read more about: Amy Maxey

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