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Hyland Summit shares insights on how to improve business agility and digital readiness, as well as the latest product updates on the full Hyland portfolio.

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Recently, an amateur archeologist took a walk through a field in southwest Denmark, carrying an inexpensive metal detector. Without any training, he was able to find 22 gold objects, some dating to the early fourth century.

If he can do that on his own with a simple tool, imagine what you can do with your tech stack — especially with guidance from experts and your peers.

That’s why you’re invited to join the Hyland community at the Hyland Summit, 3-4 November, 2021. With complimentary registration, take this opportunity to develop strategies, innovate with content services experts and hear success stories from organisations like yours.

With an agenda designed for organisations and customers in the EMEA region, we’ll be sharing insights on how to improve business agility and digital readiness, as well as the latest product updates on the full Hyland portfolio.

Attend this virtual conference for free and discover new ways to thrive in 2022 and beyond.

Accelerate your digital strategy

In addition to keynotes focusing on OnBase, Alfresco and Nuxeo, you’ll hear from leadership about Hyland’s future vision and roadmaps, which will help you develop your long-term strategy. We’re welcoming customers and partners from Alfresco and Nuxeo into the Hyland community, and the Summit is a great way to get to know the Hyland teams who will be supporting these products — and your peers who use them.

Join the Hyland global community to discuss cutting-edge tools like RPA, open source, machine learning, intelligent automation and the future of workflow. We’re here not only for a fresh perspective on new technology, but also to explore how it keeps you moving forward, advancing to meet customer expectations and staying agile enough to adapt to employees’ ever-changing needs.

If you have attended the Hyland Summit in the past, there will be plenty of new content and opportunities for sharing knowledge this year. If this will be your first time attending, we can’t wait to introduce you to all the valuable educational opportunities and help you make the connections that truly shape your best organisational developments.

If you’re looking for those valuable hidden opportunities, search no further than the Hyland Summit. Register now and get ready to accelerate your digital evolution.

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Amy Maxey

Amy Maxey joined Hyland in June 2014 as a member of the events team, leading the planning efforts for CommunityLIVE, our annual customer conference. As manager of our global conferences... read more about: Amy Maxey

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