Hyland Experience Capture at #CommunityLIVE: Accelerate processes before they begin


Information drives business. There’s no question about it. The challenge is that information now comes in so fast, from so many different sources and in so many formats that capturing it all accurately can be almost impossible.

So, the real question is: “Are you capable of capturing the data that drives your business?”

Capturing and managing content and data as early as possible is key to optimizing downstream processes and automation solutions. The seemingly obvious answer is to deploy a capture solution. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t have the resources, IT infrastructure or technical skills needed to leverage capture tools in every department or branch where they first receive information.

We wanted to solve that problem. That’s why we are thrilled to share more information about Hyland Experience Capture (HxC).


Revealed and released live on stage at CommunityLIVE 2020, HxC is a web-based document scanning, classification and data extraction tool built on the Hyland Experience Platform (HxP), Hyland’s next-generation cloud-based platform. The application features optical character recognition and machine learning capabilities, delivered through a simple and easy-to-use interface.

HxC empowers organizations to:

Accelerate business processes

  • Capture information as it enters your organization to speed processes from the start
  • Improve accuracy and process speed over time with machine learning
  • Accelerate downstream processes with accurately indexed documents and metadata ready for processing

Address varying capture needs across users, processes and locations

  • Support the diverse work environments of different users, departments or branches
  • Extend the value of existing business systems through integration and data sharing
  • Enable users to classify documents and verify data without requiring advanced technical skills and training

Limit the burden on IT resources and infrastructure

  • Deploy HxC easily via a modern SaaS platform designed to grow with your organization and needs
  • Install, maintain and upgrade your capture tool across deployments with fewer technical resources and staff
  • Deploy capture capabilities to multiple locations without increasing IT sprawl

Getting off on the right foot

To keep business processes moving smoothly — feed them accurate information from the start.

Our goal with HxC is to give organizations of any size or model a tool to fight information chaos before it even becomes a problem. By combining SaaS deployments and updates, an intuitive user interface and data capture automation tools, HxC does just that.

To learn more about our newest capture solution, check out these resources:

  • HxC announcement

Watch a recording of the live reveal of HxC directly on the main stage at CommunityLIVE 2020

  • Hyland Experience Capture: Modernizing information capture in the cloud

Watch this session from CommunityLIVE 2020 to learn the features, benefits and vision for this cloud-native application

Register to attend this webinar on Thursday, December 3 at 2 p.m. EST to get all of your HxC questions answered live

Information is everywhere. It’s time to start capturing it — anywhere.

Danielle Simer

Danielle Simer

Danielle Simer is a marketing portfolio manager at Hyland. Her mission is to share best practices and evangelize the power of enterprise content management (ECM) as a tool to automate... read more about: Danielle Simer

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