How we innovate: 3 takeaways from the CommunityLIVE R&D Lab


At Hyland, creator of OnBase, we continually look for ways to improve our customers’ business processes through innovative solutions. During CommunityLIVE, our annual end user conference, the User Experience Team showcased prototypes and research projects via an R&D Lab to gather customer feedback, spark discussions on current research, and better understand how we can continue to help customers evolve their business strategies.

Whether it’s collaborating more effectively from a mobile device or using hand and body gestures to literally pull documents from thin air – something cool we’re developing that I can’t share just yet – the UX team is always pushing the envelope to improve document management technology.

So what did we take away from the R&D Lab at CommunityLIVE? Here are my top three thoughts:

1. Innovation must center on customer needs.

A solution without a problem isn’t a solution at all. By understanding a customer’s current issues, we know what designs will truly solve their problems, and what technologies make those solutions possible.

While all of the projects in the R&D Lab are rooted in real customer needs, the most valuable feedback at the conference came from those projects that were most focused on a specific business process or need.

 2. Innovation drives innovation.

As attendees saw and interacted with our prototypes, they were able to identify similar needs in their own companies where they can apply these technologies. This helps the UX team learn more about the limits and power of these concepts, and what changes and features may be needed as time goes on, which in turn drives more research, technology, and development.

3. Constant customer feedback is the key to success.

Technology is constantly changing, customer needs are shifting, and roadblocks are always popping up. Without constant discussions between customers and development, end products may miss the mark and not solve customer problems.

That’s why it was so important for the R&D Lab to hear attendee feedback. As they performed usability tests of our concepts, they learned about upcoming solutions to their issues, and our research and development continued.

So what innovation will be next? How can our customers and partners shape the future of OnBase?

Join the user experience partnership and let’s work together to prepare for the document management challenges of tomorrow.

Marc Majers

Marc Majers

Marc Majers is a senior user experience designer on the User Experience Team (UX) for Hyland, creator of OnBase. The UX Team acts as an advocate for end users within the software creation process and every point along the customer journey. The group conducts usability testing in the field, remotely and in Hyland’s usability lab to gather information and analyze user experience trends. The team then applies that research toward creating intuitive user interface designs and future product enhancements focused on user goals.

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