Find out first at OTTC: No more “D’oh!” moments


I’ve always felt left behind when it comes to The Simpsons, ever since I missed the first season 25 years ago. After months of my friends telling me “Don’t have a cow, man” and saying “Ay caramba!” at any opportunity, I finally made sure I caught a couple of episodes, but that’s all I ever did. Even now, when someone makes a Simpsons reference, I’m often reminded that I missed the boat on one of the most popular shows of all time.

So, my ears perked up the other night while listening to NPR promote The Simpsons marathon. I thought this might be my chance to finally catch up. While I romanticized about camping out in my living room for 12 days of consecutive viewing, I realized I’d just have to make peace with being left behind.

Maybe you feel the same way when it comes to technology advancements. Unless you keep up with all the new functionality as it becomes available, you can find yourself left behind wondering how on earth you’ll ever catch up.

This is especially true in the technology realm of enterprise content management (ECM). In 1989, just when the Simpsons was getting started, scanning technology was emerging to digitize paper documents and many were quick to jump on the bandwagon. Fast forward to today and we see a plethora of capabilities under this umbrella, with hot industry trends such as mobility, cloud, case management, integrations and data capture all having starring roles.

But don’t fear! If you haven’t been keeping up, you don’t have to feel left behind.

That’s why I love the OnBase Training and Technology Conference (OTTC). In the space of a few days you have the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about ECM technology along with what’s new and relevant in the industry. If you attended even half of the more than 200 newly created class sessions offered this year, it would be like watching all 552 Simpsons episodes without taking a break.

This year at OTTC, we’ll be releasing our best version of OnBase yet, OnBase 14. You’ll have the opportunity to get up to speed with all the latest and greatest ECM technology available and get your hands on all of it in our self-paced labs.

We also have a brand new “strategy” track, where you can learn from your peers how they are setting the pace with some of the hottest topics in our industry: Cloud, case management, mobility, integrations, data capture, risk and compliance, process automation with workflow and revolutionizing the HR department. As always, OTTC is sponsored by some of the leading vendors in the industry, so you’ll have a chance to talk to them and learn from their sessions as well.

That’s why it’s all up to you. If you want to attend one or 100 sessions, you can. Or, if you get more out of networking with your peers and OnBase experts than joining a session, then so be it.

So now’s your chance! Don’t get left behind. Come to OTTC for your crash course on all things ECM.

Or you’ll be stuck in the past, saying, “D’oh!”

Glenn Gibson

Glenn Gibson

Glenn Gibson is the director of Product Communication at Hyland, creator of OnBase. With 15 years working in the IT industry, he’s collected several certifications over the years as a... read more about: Glenn Gibson

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