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What does digital transformation mean as we head into 2022?

Industry standards tell us it means leveraging tech to improve agility and customer service — something every business needs and that Hyland has been helping partners do for decades, even as technology continually evolves.

For many of today’s leaders and organizations, digital transformation means getting comfortable with a digital-first world — or at least settling into the idea of it. It means overcoming some of the abrupt changes to ways of life and business and learning to roll with new norms — perhaps even thriving amidst them.

And for many, digital transformation in late 2021 means: What’s next?

That’s the crux of CommunityLIVE: What’s next for you — digitally?

Hyland is here to help you accelerate your digital transformation journey and create strong business outcomes, and at CommunityLIVE, we’ve got the expert guides and the roadmap to make it happen. We’re talking networking, analyst input, success stories, new-technology use-cases and more — all dialed in to address your big questions around digital transformation.

How can leaders and innovators learn about and implement new technology? How can they be sure it’s a good fit? And how do they know it’s imperative to their futures?

I asked some of Hyland’s experts — and CommunityLIVE facilitators — to share their insights on what’s next in digital transformation. Here are some of their BIG ideas.

Agility and evolution can make or break you

AMANDA ULERY | Senior Manager, Portfolio Marketing 

Where you can find Amanda at CommunityLIVE: Facilitating the Business Transformation track

“When it comes to your IT and business strategy, if the past few years have shown us anything, it’s that agility and evolution — in technology, in processes, in practices, in customer and employee experiences — is key. By keeping up with the latest trends and insights in the content and process automation space, and by identifying how those insights can impact your organization, you help ensure that your organization thrives today and into the future as a champion for business transformation.”

Why you should care:
Several sessions in the digital transformation track focus not only what’s now, but what’s next:

  • What are the key considerations when making content services investments in 2022?
  • What is the state of innovative technologies like AI and machine learning, and how can you start to apply those in your organization going forward?
  • What are the biggest cybersecurity risks today, and how can you ensure the safety of your organization in the future?
  • As customer and employee demands and expectations continue to evolve, can you ensure loyalty and engagement across both groups?

These are the big ideas organizations need to be thinking about.

Blockchain represents the evolution of the internet

NATALIE SMOLENSKI | Head of Business Development, Hyland Innovation 

Where you can find Natalie at CommunityLIVE: Facilitating the Blockchain in a Decentralizing World session

“Every year since its introduction, experts have predicted the demise of blockchain technology. Every year, adoption increases exponentially instead. Blockchain technology is the necessary next stage in the evolution of the internet by enabling ‘trustless transactions.’ Governments and established financial services providers are reckoning with the rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies by populations around the world; meanwhile, major software companies and a new ecosystem of startups are building offerings to give people direct control over their money and data. I will describe these macro trends based on my observations as Head of Business Development for Hyland’s blockchain solutions and Chair of the Board of the Texas Blockchain Council, a trade association that works to promote blockchain innovation in Texas.”

Why you should care:
Hyland is the first content services provider to integrate blockchain technology into its portfolio. Within the next few years, you will be using blockchain technology to conduct everyday business — whether you know it or not. Stay ahead of the curve and understand the world we are all entering so you can make informed decisions about when and how you leverage blockchain technology for your business — and in your personal life.

“I absolutely loved this virtual version of CommunityLIVE. In the past, I would be torn between choosing courses that were scheduled at the same time. With this version, I could attend all the classes I was interested in because of the on-demand feature. So I don’t think I missed a thing.”

Stephanie Birch, HCA

RPA is taking process automation to the next level 

KEN PAYNE | Senior Product Manager, Hyland RPA

Where you can find Ken at CommunityLIVE: Facilitating product demos and conversations at the Hyland RPA expert station in CommunityCentral

“Over the last couple of years, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has turned from a buzzword into a must-have technology many organizations are relying on to keep their businesses running reliably and efficiently. In a world of increasing data transactions and remote interactions, RPA offers real solutions that can keep your employees from being overwhelmed by the growing volume of data-focused processes.”

Why you should care:
CommunityLIVE 2021 is your opportunity to catch up on all things RPA, regardless of your level of familiarity with this technology:

  • A session on how RPA can help you enhance and optimize your processes
  • A customer session from Funeral Directors Life Insurance about their success with RPA
  • Multiple break-out sessions in the Hyland RPA booth showcasing RPA use cases, demos and tutorials including how to build your very first Hyland RPA bot!

AI is the disruptive technology you can see coming

SCOTT CAESAR | Director of Innovation

Where you can find Scott at CommunityLIVE: Facilitating AI and the Art of the Possible: A Panel Discussion

“AI is an important emerging technology — a disruptive technology — that Hyland is already using within our products today. We’re continually looking for ways to apply it across a variety of use cases, and we want to support our customers as they begin their own AI journeys.”

Why you should care:
To stay competitive, organizations need to understand how they can use AI and start doing their own experimentations to adopt it.

Digital transformation is on the agenda at CommunityLIVE.

DAM expands boundaries of traditional content management platforms

JOEL WARWICK | Global DAM Innovation Advisor

Where you can find Joel: Facilitating the Intro to Nuxeo Digital Asset Management (DAM) session

“New to the Hyland portfolio, DAM addresses a different class of content and user roles not typically fulfilled by ECM.

DAM capabilities expand the boundaries of ECM technology by unifying distributed access to digital assets like images, videos and design documents. DAM search capabilities leverage structured and unstructured metadata, allowing users to quickly find the right asset within a single repository rather than searching through disparate solutions.

Hyland is taking DAM beyond the traditional boundaries of marketing departments’ publishing needs to support many other departments burdened by fragmented management of their high-value asset files. Manage, access and use all of your organization’s rich media and digital assets — whether in marketing, product design, channel and partner support.”

Why you should care:
The proliferation of content impacts almost every organization. Content producers need to deliver on more channels than ever, and the level of interaction required to meet today’s high levels of customer ‘touches’ is growing, too. You need a system to support the coordinated creation, approval and distribution of your content.

What’s CommunityLIVE like?
“A wonderful virtual experience! Session content was relevant and meaningful to how businesses are evolving to meet needs of their consumers. Loved the breakout sessions and FUN unique ways to keep us connected throughout the week!”

Sheri Deist, STCU

In 2021, the Hyland Cloud is better than ever

JASON BRIGHT | Product Marketing Specialist 

Where you can find Jason at CommunityLIVE: Facilitating the Cloud track

“Hyland recognizes that the cloud is at the top of many organizations’ priority lists. We’ve doubled down on the cloud in ’21 and are investing a tremendous amount of resources in building our team and our infrastructure to help our customers deliver — today and into the future.

Why are we doing this?

Because the Hyland Cloud’s experts, scalability and demonstrated ROI make it the best home for your content services solutions, and it can help you accelerate and achieve your organizational goals. The Hyland Cloud leverages cutting-edge technologies and best-in-class resources to provide a reliable, available and resilient cloud infrastructure.”

Why you should care:
Moving content services solutions to the cloud is on the minds of many of our customers. We know you have questions, and we’ve got the answers at CommunityLIVE. We have several expert panels for the cloud track, as well as a customer panel, so Hyland Cloud users can share their experiences with the Hyland Cloud.

Communication tools will take you forward

TONY PIUNNO | Product Marketing Specialist

Where you can find Tony: Facilitating the Transform Communications with CCM: Introduction to Content Composer session

“Almost every organization today is focused on digital transformation, and customer communication management (CCM) plays a key role in that story. CCM is all about enhancing the way you communicate with your customers, and in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace it is absolutely essential to be able to reach them at the right time, with the right information and in the format they prefer.

This year at CommunityLIVE, we’re excited to highlight our strengthened integration between Content Composer and the rest of the Hyland platform. By combining the power of Content Composer with the complementary solutions of the Hyland platform such as workflow and reporting dashboards, customers get a comprehensive CCM solution.

Not a Hyland customer?

While it is true that the power of Content Composer is elevated when combined with the Hyland platform, it is not required. Content Composer can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, and we offer an array of integration capabilities with other third-party systems, which means even greater flexibility for clients looking to take advantage of this powerful functionality.”

Why you should care:
Customer churn is a huge challenge for organizations today, especially as interactions with customers become increasingly remote. It is critical they maintain a strong connection with their customers while delivering the best possible customer experience. We built CCM solutions like Content Composer exactly for that important purpose.

Revved up? These Hyland experts and topics are just a glimpse of what’s in store at CommunityLIVE this year. The universe of digital transformation is constantly expanding – accelerate your exploration of it with us!

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