‘Do it yourself’ digital transformation and other true tales; join us at #CommunityLIVE

Ahh, it’s that time of year again. Here on the North Coast in Cleveland the air is crisp, the sun is still warm and we are pivoting from the summer mindset to autumn learning. This year, families around the globe are managing remote learning for those in school — as well as remote ‘most things’ for everything else.

And as we are getting used to this ‘next normal,’ even as it is still unfolding, and looking to the bright lights where we can find them, I am so excited to take a deep dive for several days of inspirational, collaborative and immersive learning at CommunityLIVE, from October 5-9, 2020.

And it’s virtual this year, so you can attend right from your home or office!

Not a surprise, but such a relief that our fantastic event is taking place again, with the experts that many customers know from previous years, Hyland leaders and industry analysts sharing product insights, industry trajectories and what’s on the horizon for your Hyland platform development.

But my favorite sessions — and where I find the most inspiration — are the ones where our customers in all industries, alongside their Hyland project team members, share their stories of their content services journeys. It’s all about sharing how they’ve been able to transform organizational processes and become more resilient to meet whatever challenges they encounter by elevating processes digitally.

Like the Bowling Green, Kentucky story, which we will present on October 9. Bowling Green truly transformed the way the city is able to manage operations across more than 65 divisions, enabling leaders and workers to quickly adapt to today’s evolving workplace challenges and government needs.

But what is so exciting? How they did it.

‘Do it yourself’ can make all the difference in today’s reality

Bowling Green extended the value of its implementation with a “do-it-yourself expansion” across divisions, using largely just the features available with client licenses, and the automation capabilities of Unity Forms, Document Import Processors, Workflow and WorkView.

By leveraging the features that come standard with any client license – like the ability to create custom document types, keywords, filing cabinets, auto fill keyword sets, custom queries and document templates – Bowling Green is able to create solutions for use cases across any division, easily, as the need arises, automating any form that the city formerly processed on paper.

This significantly reduces costs, including labor, software, training and storage among others.

Imagine the feeling of empowerment when you’re able to take a highly manual, time-consuming paper-dependent process and digitally transform it by starting with a solution template. Then, with a few configuration clicks, make that solution framework work for the use case you need. And then multiply that across every division in your organization.

The power in that toolkit is immeasurable.

The magic is in the moment

The Bowling Green story is just one of hundreds that we’ll experience at CommunityLIVE.

In addition to the customer presentations, I can’t wait to hear what the industry analysts have to share in the business transformation tracks. And what our Hyland leaders have to share about the plans for our products and solutions — including product vision and strategy and a high-level roadmap of our key initiatives.

A great thing about this virtual conference? The ability to extend time

Every year as CommunityLIVE ends, I walk away regretting that I couldn’t clone myself to experience more sessions. There are *always* at least two that I want to see at the same time.

But this year, that is not a problem!

Sessions in each package will be available for on-demand viewing for 60 days following the event. So we’ll all have plenty of time to take in the sessions we are excited about.

But the best way to check out Bowling Green’s story is live, where you can ask questions and chat with our experts during the broadcast on Friday, 10/9 at 12:30 p.m. EST.

The evolution of content services is moving fast. Regardless of where you are on your content services journey, CommunityLIVE provides invaluable insights that not only enable you to walk away knowing how to improve key areas of your solutions, but also provides you with the tools to continue to maximize the value of your solutions as needs evolve. With knowledge, and the right tools, you can meet any challenges 2020 and beyond throw at you, and elevate your ability to focus on what matters most.

Hope to see you virtually at CommunityLIVE October 5-9, 2020.

Don’t wait, register today!


Sarah Stoner

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