CommunityLIVE: Your solution and session checklist

CommunityLIVE is a huge educational moment and frankly, it can be overwhelming when you consider the 350+ sessions, multi-day problem-solving opportunities, and chances to catch up on everyone’s projects. There’s no doubt that there is a lot to learn and absorb.

One way to approach it is to start with your IT checklist and see if you can find what meets your needs amongst the many sessions and experts on hand.

As an IT Director, I often attended conferences focused on my needs, challenges, and IT plans. If you find yourself in the same position and wonder how to choose from all the opportunities to learn, here’s how it could work with my checklist as an example.

Take this list, check it twice

To find the right session, lab, or expert, simply ask yourself what result you’re looking for in your solution.

Say it loud and proud. I want to:

  • Improve constituent/customer service

The tools to accomplish this goal are definitely on display at CommunityLIVE. There will be numerous Hyland Government Team sessions on constituent-facing solutions like Legislative Management, Public Records Requests, and Plan Review.

You can even spice up your web-based presence and leverage your investment to attack some of the trending areas in government.

  • Eliminate a manual system

Whether you work in government or not, one way to change your staff’s life for the better is to eliminate the work of manual systems. Don’t miss the numerous CommunityLIVE sessions on case management, a flexible way to support unpredictable, people-driven work like service requests.

Also, if spreadsheets are abundant in your organization, check out the many case management options and solutions your peers are using to stop the sneaky sprawl of spreadsheets.

  • Replace paper forms

You may have some departments going paperless, but as you continue with your enterprise content management and content services projects, you want to continue to remove paper overall. With the latest release of OnBase, you can leverage Image Forms, continue to use Unity Forms, push forms to your website, and more.

There are several sessions to explore these tools and help you decide what to use to move beyond paper forms.

  • Find a business case that works for my organization

One of my favorite parts of CommunityLIVE is the many end users who are willing to share their projects, tips, ideas, and advice. If you know you want to pursue more projects, but really need to think through business cases, why not focus on this year’s customer success tracks to understand how to apply the many tools in your platform to the real world?

Government customers will be sharing success stories from their human resources, digital transformation, case management, mobile, and disaster recovery projects. These are essential, proven solutions for local and state government. Return to your organization well-informed thanks to the willingness of your peers to present and discuss projects.

  • Deploy quickly

I already mentioned case management, but workflow and Unity Forms also fit the bill if you need a solution that can drive efficiency and you need it fast. In addition to sharing stories and ideas with your peers to get a leg up on the work of deploying a new solution, there are many technical sessions to cover rapid application development.

There will also be a number of sessions focusing on point solutions that are pre-configured to reduce deployment time and costs so you can quickly meet the challenges of smaller budgets and staffs with a simplified, streamlined solution.

  • Support fieldwork

Mobile has been a huge driver for more efficient staff and processes. Each year, our mobile options become more robust. Given the presence of smartphones and tablets, it make sense to see if the latest enhancements can support any plans you have for supporting your field staff and busy elected officials and executives.

  • Integrate solutions

Integrating your ECM or content services platform with everything else you invested in has so many benefits, it has to be on your checklist. Whether you want a better user experience, less training or to better leverage data, you’ll find sessions about integrations that will definitely help.

From the powerful Application Enabler to module integrations for Esri, ERPs and API options, you can drive more efficiency by embracing integration and keeping current on any additions or enhancements to integration tools you already own.

Vision quest

If these items are on your checklist or a part of your vision for your organization, CommunityLIVE will help you identify which solutions, capabilities and projects can get you there. The bottom line is our solution sessions can become your solutions.

And, with rooms full of experts and peers, your week at CommunityLIVE is time well spent in your quest to improve your organization.

Terri Jones

Terri Jones

Terri Jones is an enterprise advisor with Hyland’s Global Services team. Before coming to Hyland, in her 10-plus years in both state and local government, she’s managed IT departments, implemented... read more about: Terri Jones

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