#CommunityLIVE transformed me

As I settled into my Delta coach seat and prepared to leave Nashville, I reflected on my personal experiences at my inaugural CommunityLIVE, Hyland’s annual gathering of customers, partners, thought leaders, analysts, media, and colleagues. Admittedly, the word “transformation” is so overused in business today, its meaning has become almost meaningless.

Yet, I came away from CommunityLIVE feeling truly transformed. I also have a new colleague joining my team this week, so I’m excited to share my CommunityLIVE experiences to lead and inspire her to become an active member of the Hyland Community.

From the insightful keynotes delivered by Hyland’s senior leadership to the profound life advice invoked by two world-class motivational speakers to the dozens of customer stories that educated me about the true impact my fellow Hylanders make each and every day, I headed home full of inspiration, energy, and enthusiasm.

Agents of transformation

While the programming was more than enough for me to feel satisfied with how I spent my week, I realize the week’s social exchanges and camaraderie were also transforming agents. For example:

  • The family-style lunches and opening night reception, where I felt at home while dining with perfect strangers
  • My impromptu and very friendly chat with Bill Priemer, Hyland’s president and CEO
  • The first-rate live music at the Grand Ole Opry where we got our country on
  • The poignant hallway and elevator conversations and casual exchanges had while walking through the beautiful Opryland gardens and atriums
  • And, yes, the footloose shenanigans with executives at the honky tonks on Broadway

Now I understand why this amazing event is called CommunityLIVE. We gather – neither as customers, vendors, and partners, nor as marketers, salespeople, and engineers. We gathered as one community of professionals with a common passion: To actually make the world better – for our patients, for our customers, for our students, and for each other. Together.

Next year, CommunityLIVE returns to Cleveland, the official home of rock & roll. I’m so excited, I’m already looking forward to it.

So, to borrow a phrase from Mel Robbins: 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … “Let’s Rock!”

Bryan Schnepf

Bryan Schnepf

Bryan Schnepf joined Hyland in 2018 and leads the healthcare solutions marketing team. As an industry marketing veteran, Bryan is passionate about digital healthcare transformation. When not working to disrupt... read more about: Bryan Schnepf

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