#CommunityLIVE: The Super Bowl of technology conferences

Since Hyland’s headquarters are located in North America, when we talk about football, we’re referring to the game where players can touch the ball with their hands. It seems everywhere else in the world, football is a game where you can only touch the ball with your feet. But we call that game soccer.

Confused? You should be.

You know what else can be confusing? Technology. But it doesn’t have to be.

Making life easier for users

For example, our product gives users the ability to stay in the familiar applications they use every day and easily find information in other systems. It’s magical. And it makes life easy.

But maybe you’re an administrator. And while it’s cool to make life easier for users, you’d like your life to be easier too. You know, an even trade.

Glad to hear it. Because that’s what CommunityLIVE is all about.

Making life easier for administrators

As our President and CEO Bill Priemer says, CommunityLIVE is our Super Bowl. It’s an annual event where thousands of customers come to learn about our newest release, discuss best practices for technical and business planning and much more.

With hundreds of enterprise information management experts ready to talk with you, thousands of peers to network with and more than 280 classes to choose from, it’s a super experience. Trust me, I checked.

So come join us September 11 – 15 in Orlando. You’re totally allowed to use your hands.  But if you feel like using your feet, just make sure they’re clean.

Early-bird pricing is still available, but time is running out. Register today!


Amy Maxey

Amy Maxey

Amy Maxey joined Hyland in June 2014 as a member of the events team, leading the planning efforts for CommunityLIVE, our annual customer conference. As manager of our global conferences... read more about: Amy Maxey

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