#CommunityLIVE + innovation + Hyland GOVies = better constituent service

September is the month when Hyland government end users join their peers at CommunityLIVE. This high-energy technology conference looks to the future and recognizes the innovative solutions we’re building on our content services platform today and into the future.

Here are some things you shouldn’t miss this week while you’re in Cleveland.


One of the best parts of CommunityLIVE is the Government Innovation Award Showdown at 3:30 p.m. Three finalists present their best solutions and an audience of their peers votes at the conclusion of the session to pick the project that has had the most impact and benefit to their government work.

Over the years, winners from state, county and city government have shown the value of content services to their digital transformation and efficiency efforts. This year, the finalists are using automation, web-based access and paperless processes to improve the speed and quality of the services they provide from the state or local level.

It’s a must-see if you are looking for new ideas for your constituent service efforts.


Wednesday offers one of the biggest benefits for government end users: networking with your peers. Hosted by the government end users group, the conversation is invaluable for people who hope to leverage their investments to do even more for their staff and their constituents.

This year, attend the government breakfast. When we finish, the conversation will continue with an update on programming and the work of the government users group as well as a look at Hyland’s latest releases and how they can aid government.


Modernization efforts are intimately connected to innovation and Hyland’s case management platform has been essential for entities with a need to improve constituent service that has been frustrated by the limited capabilities of the solutions they are using.

Thursday at CommunityLIVE features great stories of agencies using Hyland’s platform to replace and consolidate the solutions they support.

Their message? Using a single platform is cost-effective, agile and will allow them to free IT resources to stay innovative into future.

Every day

Throughout the conference, sessions led by government users and Hylanders feature ways to drive innovation by getting more from the investments agencies have already made. With government perpetually short of resources and facing changing demands from constituents, understanding how to use your Hyland solutions for thorny responsibilities like transparency, public records and community development is a key reason to attend CommunityLIVE.

Also valuable are the integrations agencies have created between content services and the other important systems that they use for accounts payable, permitting and other processes. Their stories of the efficiencies they gained from integrating technology they already own is an important way to improve service without expending more money to do so.

It isn’t just the software

Many good technology investments can stumble or fail without effective project management and an understanding of key issues like budget, executive sponsorship and user training. It’s no surprise that this is a huge issue for government agencies that seldom have the resources or the credibility to survive failed projects.

Recognizing this, every day and every session brings best practices, advice and real examples of smart, passionate government staff improving constituent service with good deployment practices.

With so much on offer and an all-time high for GOVies at CommunityLIVE, it’s no surprise that it is the government team’s favorite time of the year.

See you this week in Cleveland!

Terri Jones

Terri Jones

Terri Jones is an enterprise advisor with Hyland’s Global Services team. Before coming to Hyland, in her 10-plus years in both state and local government, she’s managed IT departments, implemented... read more about: Terri Jones

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