Call for presentations (and ideas) at #CommunityLIVE 2019!

We all know CommunityLIVE is a great place to learn how your organization can work better, smarter, and faster. But every year, our goal is to improve the experience.

Therefore, we need your help.

Do you have a great idea for a session topic or customer story at CommunityLIVE? If so, we want to hear about it.

It’s only 6 (ish) months away

CommunityLIVE 2019 will offer something for everyone – from system administrators to solution owners and process owners to operational leaders. And, based on your feedback, we’ve already started making the hundreds of expert sessions, hands-on technical training opportunities, and one-of-a-kind networking events even better this year.

Do you have a story about return on investment, how you expanded a solution across your enterprise, or how you harnessed innovation to grow your career? Share your expertise, best practices, and knowledge with your fellow end users and Hylanders.

Your experience is invaluable. So we all want to hear from you.

Check out our solutions, talk to experts

As Hyland continues to grow, CommunityLIVE is the place to check out our expanding and evolving solutions. Attend one of hundreds of in-depth sessions, explore on your own with a self-paced lab, or sit down with an expert.

There will be many solutions on hand, waiting to show you how to take your organization to the next level, including:

Intelligent capture that accurately sorts paper and electronic documents

Automate the creation of personalized documents to increase engagement with external parties

A complete suite of content services and enterprise imaging solutions that transform the way you view patient information and deliver care

End-to-end I-9 compliance and best-in-class immigration case management solutions

Our analyst-acclaimed content services platform that empowers you to deliver information to employees when and where they need it

If information is the lifeblood of your enterprise, then Perceptive Content is the heart that circulates and protects it – regardless of format – through its entire life cycle

Our online file sharing solution provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring your organization retains ownership and control

Our analyst-acclaimed hosting platform for cloud-based applications

CommunityLIVE is also a great place to engage our world-class Global Services team. Regardless of where you are on your digital transformation journey, this team of experts is here to guide you to success.

Share your expertise, earn a discount

Ready to make your mark at CommunityLIVE 2019? The deadline to submit your topic is April 5. If we select you to present, you’ll receive $200 off registration!

Not interested in speaking, but there’s a topic you’d like to see presented at CommunityLIVE? Fill out the form and let us know.

We’d love to hear from you. Submit your topic today!

CommunityLIVE registration opens this spring. We hope to see you in Cleveland, September 15 – 19!

Amy Maxey

Amy Maxey

Amy Maxey joined Hyland in June 2014 as a member of the events team, leading the planning efforts for CommunityLIVE, our annual customer conference. As manager of our global conferences... read more about: Amy Maxey

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