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CommunityLIVE networking

It’s that time of year again. And no, I am not talking about school starting or the beginning of college football season. I’m talking about that time of year when you can come together with your OnBase community of peers, vendors, and Hylanders.

I’m talking about CommunityLIVE time!

As an OnBase customer, every September, I look forward attending CommunityLIVE (formerly OTTC). This year will make my eighth year in attendance and each year I find plenty of reasons not to miss the action. Hyland Software knows how to host a conference and the value of experiencing CommunityLIVE in person cannot be understated.

The value of attending CommunityLIVE

The general format of the event – which furnishes up-close and personal interaction with fellow OnBase users along with some of Hyland’s brightest minds – is well worth the price of admission; while those one-time opportunities such as catching a Guy Kawasaki or David Pogue keynote are icing on the cake.

The relationship-building opportunities are endless. One of the most valuable for me has always been the relationships I’ve made and maintained with Hyland’s staff – not only putting faces to names, but creating new conduits for information and guidance.

The conference also provides a great opportunity every year to sit down with my support team and discuss plans for the upcoming year and review my maintenance contract in person. Just one way that I use the one-on-one time with the Hyland staff.

Being a Financial Services VOGUE (Vertical OnBase Group User Experts) board member, the relationships I make with my peers are pretty near and dear. Each year I look forward to seeing the friends I’ve made at prior conferences and enjoy the opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances. The conference provides an environment that fosters rich dialog and the ability to discuss both challenges and successes with folks that share comparable perspectives. Some of the best solutions that I have come away with have been born of off-the-cuff conversations over cocktails or coffee.

Simply put, CommunityLIVE is the perfect time to expand your network, which can be a tremendous resource. Other great highlights include:

  • Attending sessions and training classes on OnBase modules.
  • Trying out the latest technology that Hyland is working on.
  • Listening to visionary keynote speakers. In fact, Hyland continues to step up its game with regard to keynote speakers. David Pogue will not disappoint.
  • Enjoying great evening events that Hyland plans for you.

It’s all happening at CommunityLIVE. And it’s coming soon.

Will I see you there?

Kevin Christiansen

Kevin Christiansen

Kevin is a lead IT Analyst for Principal located in Des Moines, Iowa. He is currently one of two primary OnBase Administrators supporting more than 1,000 worldwide users. Kevin... read more about: Kevin Christiansen

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