Bedtime stories from #CommunityLIVE: We wish you were here!


CommunityLIVE is by far my favorite event of the year, and I can’t believe it’s already halfway done. I love the customer conversations, partner collaboration, and most of all – the energy that you can see in every corridor, every breakout room, and the CommunityCentral Expo.

For a Product Evangelist, this is the Super Bowl of events and I’m busy soaking it all in.

But there’s one tiny drawback for me: Not everyone is able to be here in Las Vegas. I have 2,700 co-workers who couldn’t be here and several thousand customers who couldn’t make the trip. And on a personal note, there’s my 6-year-old daughter who feels pretty far away right now.

For the past few years, I’ve made it a habit to send my daughter a bedtime story every night I’m away at the conference. It’s a little thing, but it means a lot to her. She’s more interested in mermaids than our solutions, but for everyone else at home, I’d like to pass on some of my favorite #CommunityLIVE stories as we reach the conference midpoint.

What’s minor for you is major for others

Highlighting the community atmosphere here, I came across a quote in a tweet from a session hosted by OnBase sage Bill Painter: “Minor for you could be major for others.”

I practically dropped my phone when I read that, because that seemed to be a recurring theme for me throughout the day. Sometimes the little things mean a lot.

And sometimes, little things can have big impacts.

A small product that makes a big difference

I also had the opportunity to eat lunch with a credit union customer that’s recently gone live with OnBase. I’m happy to tell you that it’s going well, and the big surprise was the impact our OnBase Virtual Printer has on the day-to-day lives of credit union employees. It has eliminated a very labor-intensive process where the credit union used to print out an archival copy of their correspondence with customers – and scan it back in.

That manual process was causing headaches and delays, but now the credit union just prints documents straight into OnBase. It’s already saved them time and resources while decreasing headaches.

The Virtual Printer has been around for years and it’s a very simple tool – so simple that while 18 percent of our customers use it, only 0.59 percent of our support tickets are related to Virtual Printer problems. That’s less than one percent of our support tickets.

But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. And I’m so glad it is making such an impact for this credit union.

New enhancements that make our customers happy

In another breakout session yesterday, I had so much fun talking about our electronic forms products. I asked the room (which was packed) who still has paper forms in their organization.

An amazing 80 percent of the hands went up! And fortunately, we’ve made some great new enhancements that will help these customers turn their paper forms into electronic forms.

In OnBase 17, there was a major focus with our Unity Forms product to streamline the template design process for administrators. These features allow easier form layout and faster form development. This made the system administrators in the room happy, because the features will help them to finally get rid of paper forms and streamline existing forms processes.

They seem like little things to us, but they are big for our customers.

More stories from CommunityLIVE

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I’m excited about all the conversations that are still coming up here in Vegas, but before I jump back into CommunityLIVE, I have a story about mermaids to finish for my daughter’s bedtime tonight.

Carolyn Kane

Carolyn Kane

Carolyn Kane has been an OnBase product evangelist since 2009. With a background in digital communication and design, she specializes in integrations, electronic forms, signatures, and correspondence management. She shares... read more about: Carolyn Kane

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