Be social: Old school and new school at #CommunityLIVE

If you want to get the most out of CommunityLIVE, you need to be social. Both old school and new school.

We’ve been publishing a lot of content about the value of peer-to-peer networking at CommunityLIVE. That’s an extremely effective way to learn and share best practices, so I’m only kidding when I refer to it as old school.

But really, it’s only half the conversation.

You also need to be new school. To truly get the most out of the conference, you need to be involved in the real-time conversations taking place thanks to technology like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Not that I’m Hyland’s Social Media Manager or anything like that. … Ok, I am.

Be in the middle of the best conversations

Regardless, following and contributing to #CommunityLIVE will put you in the middle of the best ECM, BPM, case management, and secure file sharing conversations. By following, you will pick up more information from the conference than you ever could just by yourself.

Didn’t get a chance to hit the “Workflow Latest Enhancements” session? Missed the “SAP Integration” session? Had to take a call during the “Digital Transformation” session?

No worries. Many people will make it to those sessions. And we’re going to encourage them to share what they learned.

Because when you put community and live together, you get an enriching experience.

If you can’t make it to Vegas, we have you covered. Check our Instagram Story daily for exclusive content, watch our Facebook Live on Tuesday afternoon, and engage with all the social media conversations to stay involved and pick up the latest tips and tricks.

We’ll also be publishing blog posts on some of the bigger aspects of the conference, so keep coming back. It’s going to be a busy conference.

Visit me at the Tweet Suite in CommunityCENTRAL and I’ll see you in Vegas!

Alana Coticchia

Alana Coticchia

As the Social Media Team Lead at Hyland, Alana has a very unique position to provide customers, partners, prospects and employees a window, via social media, into one of the... read more about: Alana Coticchia

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