As a customer, why do I return to #CommunityLIVE year after year?


Why do I love CommunityLIVE?

I could say it is because of the great networking opportunities. Or because of the great food. Or better yet, the great evening events.

But the real reasons I love CommunityLIVE are the great sessions, labs and the people who run them.

Great guidance by Hyland employees

I love the fact that over the years, I have sat down with numerous Hyland employees to talk about everything from our solution provider to the best way to set up folders for our unique needs.

For me, the interaction with Hylanders rates as my best reason for returning to CommunityLIVE year after year – they are full of enthusiasm, knowledgeable and just a great group of people.

The best return on our money is that these experts are reachable long after the conference is over. There’s huge value in the communication that doesn’t stop after the conference. But thankfully, CommunityLIVE isn’t over, it’s just about to start.

I always return with big ideas, better methods to handle issues and excitement for what I can do with OnBase going forward. See you in Orlando next week!


Shireena Henderson

Shireena Henderson is the vice president OSEG, Allegheny Electric Cooperative, Inc. as well as the senior financial analyst and system administrator for OnBase. She has worked with OnBase since implementation in 2003. She is considered the OnBase guru at her company, although she hardly considers herself as such.

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  1. Avatar Scott McCabe says:

    Have fun Shreena! hope all is well. Enjoy the conference!

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