7 ways to maximize ROI at #CommunityLIVE


Your organization has invested in technology that will help connect people to the information they need at the moment they need it. But now you want to go further. You want to remove the inefficiencies of information silos and disconnected processes.

You want to simplify. Transform. Accelerate.

That’s why you’re attending CommunityLIVE.

7 ways to maximize your ROI

Here are seven ways you can achieve your goals and maximize your ROI at CommunityLIVE:

  1. A hands-on experience

Whether you’re an end user or in IT, it’s the place where you can explore the newest features and functionality of OnBase at hands-on user stations.

“We don’t know what we don’t know. So when we come to events like this, we see new opportunities that we didn’t even know existed.”

– Tyler Hunter, business project lead, Mercury Insurance

  1. More than 280 sessions

You’ll have more than 280 sessions to choose from, as well as the chance to attend speeches by David Pogue and Hyland executives.

“[David Pogue] is the best kept secret in the world of speaking.”

– Ellen Michaels

  1. Experts, lots of experts

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet – formally and informally – with solution and technical resources, as well as our very approachable executive team.

“You can talk directly to developers and ask them questions. Now we’re going to be able to streamline our entire process in a way that will make it less painful when we do new projects.”

– John LaRue, senior developer/analyst, Safe Auto Insurance Company

  1. Downloadable agenda

For your convenience – and sanity – you can download a PDF version of the conference agenda before you even get to the conference. Downloading the PDF in advance will help you plan your strategy to obtain the most value from the more than 280 sessions that are available.

That’s right, more than 280! We take that whole “knowledge is power” idea pretty seriously.

“With the amount of opportunities we’re offering, the best way to navigate CommunityLIVE is to download the agenda. Most attendees tell me they take a good look at it on the plane heading to the conference.”

– Amy Maxey, team lead of Strategic Events, Hyland

  1. CommunityCENTRAL Tweet Suites

When you – or your mobile device – are low on juice, drop by the Tweet Suite located in CommunityCENTRAL. Don’t worry, there will be cool-looking signs to help you get everywhere you need to go. You won’t be wandering for days, becoming dehydrated and ending up at a loading dock. We promise.

We’ll also have space for you to relax, recharge, meet with experts or get some work done. Because for most of us, even though we’re out of the office, we still need to get stuff done.

“I love watching our customers, partners and Hyland employees view all the social media activity on our Tweet Suite monitors in-between sessions and classes. The space is also a comfortable spot to host a meeting.”

– Alana Coticchia, social media manager, Hyland

  1. Network, network, network

The best way to find out how to optimize your solution is to talk to other people who have dealt with your exact business issues and overcome them. CommunityLIVE is a unique opportunity that allows you to network with more than 1,500 other OnBase users, both in your line of business and in other industries, who have achieved optimal results. It’s a great chance to learn what your solution can look like in the future.

And, you’ll build a group of resources that you can call for insight and guidance when you face challenges or need to grow your solution.

As you know, Hylanders like to have fun. We believe the best opportunities to network include music, delicious food and possibly an adult beverage. So swing by the events and chat with anyone and everyone.

“We’re able to meet people, bounce ideas off each other and talk about what’s working. I take all that back to my organization.”

– Tia Duncan, administrative coordinator of Mariposa Community Health Center

  1. Stay connected

While networking in person with your peers is important, don’t forget to connect with them online to further the knowledge sharing. The official hashtag for the conference is #CommunityLIVE. As always, there will be prizes for those of you who are social media mavens.

“I love connecting people. This will be my 10th CommunityLIVE and being a ‘connector’ is the highlight of every year for me.”

– Carissa Nettle, team leader and trainer, Hyland Education Services

There you go. Seven ways you can get the most out of your experience at CommunityLIVE. We’re excited, and we hope you are too.

Don’t let the status quo be your IT road map. By attending CommunityLIVE, you’ll learn how to further optimize your business processes – increasing your organization’s speed and accuracy while decreasing costs.

Or more simply put, making life easier so your organization can better serve customers. That might be the ultimate way to achieve ROI.

See you in Orlando!

Amy Maxey

Amy Maxey

Amy Maxey joined Hyland in June 2014 as a member of the events team, leading the planning efforts for CommunityLIVE, our annual customer conference. As manager of our global conferences... read more about: Amy Maxey

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