6 questions with tech guru Guy Kawasaki: Innovation and the next big thing at #CommunityLIVE


Think you know what the next big thing is?

Guy Kawasaki does. And he’s happy to share it with the world.

We sat down with Kawasaki – chief evangelist of Canva, a graphics-design online service, and executive fellow at the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley – before his keynote today at #CommunityLIVE, the premier OnBase user conference, taking place in Las Vegas through Thursday.

Kawaski shared his thoughts on the tech’s next trend, daily challenges for CTOs and what he does first thing in the morning (hint: it’s something experts say you shouldn’t do!).

The OnBase Blog (TOB): Who is a person you consider as a role model and how have they influenced your career?

Guy Kawasaki (GK): I really like how Richard Branson carries himself. In his social media persona, his business and social causes, sense of humor, availability. He’s not a billionaire who takes himself too seriously. It helps to own an airline and an island. (laughter)

TOB: What are some of the biggest challenges CTOs and CIOs face daily in their organizations?

GK: I think the biggest one is security. After functionality, after coolness, after all that? Security. Man, I mean, it’s just an evil world out there. The next challenge is recruiting people.

TOB: How do you foster creative and innovative thinking in your organization?

GK: First, you have to communicate – and it should be true – that failure is okay. It’s not preferred, but it’s okay. You have to understand that the greatest risk is not to take risk, because if you don’t, you’ll be a Smith Corona or Remington Rand. You’ll be gone. Of course that’s easy for someone to say, but hard to do. And then, just get out of the way of your people.

TOB: How do you share ideas within your organization?

GK: Pitching is pitching, whether you’re pitching internally or pitching externally. It’s a skill. It’s communication. It’s using visual marketing a lot of times, too. A lot of it is visual these days. You could use Canva for that.

TOB: What sector of technology do you think is about to blow-up? What’s the next big thing?

GK: The Internet of Things. Everything has a chip. Everything has an IP address. That’s just going to explode.

TOB: Finally, for fun, what’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

GK: Check email. Which is what everybody says is the wrong thing to do. But that’s what I do.


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