5 more reasons why you should attend #CommunityLIVE

We all know it’s never easy to get business travel approved, but CommunityLIVE is one of those events that packs so much learning and expertise into a few days, its return on investment is undisputed.

When I was a Hyland customer like you, I used the annual conference as a way to avoid missteps, formulate next projects and expand my understanding of OnBase as well as the other solutions Hyland develops. This gave me the ability to deliver great solutions AND deliver them as quickly and effectively as possible. Now I’m on the other side, as a Hylander helping you to do the same.

So, how can you establish the ROI of attending CommunityLIVE? Here are five ideas:

1. Networking with and learning from OnBase users

You will be able to attend events with other users who perform similar types of projects and tasks. This gives you a chance to learn from their projects, efforts and insights.

Learning from others and knowing best practices before your next project helps to speed deployment and saves valuable staff time and cost.

2. Product and technical sessions

We actively program events that give you a chance to hear exclusively from customers, but you also have a number of events that let you hear from all types of users, because sometimes, a process done by a business will contain an idea for you.

In your case, you might attend product-type sessions to hear about a range of features that a module offers, but there are also technical sessions that you might attend to understand the configuration of a module. Understanding what a module can and can’t do for you helps you deliver solutions and manage expectations about projects, which leads to effective deployments.

3. New features, functionalities and enhancements

Each year, maintenance fees support the upgrades to OnBase and the modules you own. The technical and product sessions ensure that you understand the value of upgrading your OnBase system and it helps you understand what we’ve added this year.

4. Access to Hyland experts

You may already know that this is a big conference, but Hyland sends many of our staff so you have the opportunity to receive one-on-one attention. Puzzling over a process or idea? Grab an available Hyland expert, that’s why they’re there!

When I attended CommunityLIVE as a customer, I found this helpful, and I was able to go back to my department and get some additional projects done as a result. I loved the expert stations with specialists in ShareBase, capture and other OnBase capabilities like case management software.

The best part is that our expert stations are open throughout the entire conference. So you can easily get some individual attention that can jumpstart your work and help you complete projects more quickly. Simply stop by and our experts can address your questions and do demonstrations on the spot.

5. Availability of advanced training

CommunityLIVE’s basic program runs from Tuesday to Thursday, but there is also significant advanced and technical training before the main conference starts. This includes certification training and longer sessions so you can combine the basic conference benefits with longer technical and project training for just the cost of an additional one or two hotel nights.

It’s always hard to justify spending money on travel when budgets are tight, but I think that the conference helps you get the most out of the software you have already purchased – and it may even highlight a solution that can solve a big problem for a small investment.

I am convinced that you will go back to your current OnBase solution with multiple ideas to get even more out of your investment. I always did!

I hope to see you at CommunityLIVE 2017!

Terri Jones

Terri Jones

Terri Jones is an enterprise advisor with Hyland’s Global Services team. Before coming to Hyland, in her 10-plus years in both state and local government, she’s managed IT departments, implemented... read more about: Terri Jones

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