4 keys to an evolved IT strategy

Last time, I wrote about some of the insights Enterprise Advisors have uncovered during strategic workshop activities that start with an expanded view of alignment. Simply put, the value of aligning from organizational mission to end user technology experiences positions your organization for more successful solution design and ultimately, more return on investment.

The alignment exercise is not the only strategy an organization should consider to be successful. Users, IT staff and an organization’s planning process may need to adapt and change to ensure that your IT investment has its maximum effect. During our strategic workshop process, we help uncover ways to reset the IT planning, capacity and evaluation process, helping organizations evolve their approaches to their existing investments.

The 4 keys

Here are some ideas for evolving both your solutions and your approach to enterprise solutions. Generally, you should:

1. Reconsider your IT planning and process to uncover end-user efficiency leaks

How are you ensuring that end users, the primary consumers of solutions, are informed? Are they, in turn, informing your discovery, design and acceptance testing? Does your deployment strategy include revisiting solution effectiveness soon after deployment?

2. Expand your training strategy for IT

Do you actively budget for and require Hyland training for IT staff with administration and deployment responsibilities?

3. Evolve your approach to understanding and leveraging the functionality you already own

How are you ensuring that your deployment makes full use of new features available as you update your platform? As we have found during workshop interviews, workload – and a lack of end-user awareness – means you may not be getting full value from new features if there is no system for revisiting what you have already deployed or a regular effort to consider what new features can add more efficiency to your solutions.

4. Create and execute on plans that include items from the above

Expanding your strategic plans to include action items that ensure you address all of the above is another part of an evolution for your IT effort.

Evolving to thrive in the next normal

As we plan and continue to respond to immediate and longer-term changes for the “next normal,” we also need to consider how we re-tool our efforts and approaches to information technology. Evolving your IT approach means adding new checkpoints to gauge the effectiveness of your solutions, ensuring IT staff is ready to make improvements and changes if needed.

Faster and more consistent feedback from end users who also have a good understanding of platform capabilities and improvements can reduce some of the burden and re-work by IT staff. As you make these changes to your approach, don’t forget to build these tasks, training needs and end user interactions into your strategic plans so your organization’s evolution can continue.

Wondering how an organization moves from workshop to evolution? Don’t miss our CommunityLIVE sessions, “Am I doing this right? Optimizing your content services strategy.”

Terri Jones

Terri Jones

Terri Jones is an enterprise advisor with Hyland’s Global Services team. Before coming to Hyland, in her 10-plus years in both state and local government, she’s managed IT departments, implemented... read more about: Terri Jones

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