3 more reasons why customers should attend #CommunityLIVE

As a customer, why do I attend CommunityLIVE annually? As the Vice President of the Insurance VOGUE (Vertical OnBase Group of User Experts), it goes without saying that I’m an OnBase advocate.

But why should you attend CommunityLIVE? Here are my top three reasons:

1. It is not a typical “Sales” Conference

It is truly an opportunity to learn, no matter your level of experience or position in your company. There are sessions related to business strategy, high-level courses explaining new or new-to-you modules, OnBase 101 for beginners, and in-depth, hands-on technical training for experts.

There are also expert stations where you can have discussions and ask Hylanders questions , as well as self-paced labs that let you try a module to see if it really is the solution you are looking for.

2. Stay current, get ahead

You can have the best of both worlds by obtaining recertification and becoming exposed to the latest release, OnBase 17, as well as the roadmap of where they hope to take the software. If your company limits the number of staff or the number of conferences you can attend, consider coming every other year, to recertify and to stay up to date on the ever-expanding capabilities of the ever-evolving solutions.

3. My favorite – the networking opportunities

This in and of itself makes the conference worth the cost and time away from the office and the growing list of projects. In fact, I even discover things that inspire me to add a few projects to my own list while I’m at the conference.

At CommunityLIVE, you are able to establish professional contacts (and maybe even a few friends) that you can turn to for discussions and advice after the conference. I now have my very own “OnBase family” that I turn to for recommendations when we are expanding our solution or considering the latest upgrade. Even if someone is not in your industry, hearing how they are utilizing the software can inspire solutions that you can develop for your own organization.

Talking with attendees allows you to hear success stories, as well as the lessons learned along other OnBase journeys. And it allows you to benchmark yourself with others in your industry.

Whether you are sitting in class or sitting across the lunch table, ask those around you how they are using OnBase – or any other solutions Hyland offers. Ask how you find quality OnBase Admins and what their team consists of. Ask how they handle project management and why.

Share your struggles and hear how others have overcome a similar obstacle. Ask what they think is the ONE module everyone should consider owning?

This part of the conference is up to you – you can participate as little or as much as you like. But I promise you, if you leave your comfort zone and engage with others, both customers and Hyland staff alike, you will find the experience invaluable! It is why I return year after year!

I believe this will be my 14th conference, and I still bring home something new that I can apply to my company every year. I learn something that leaves me feeling recharged and excited to return home to tackle it and bring benefit for my company. (That is a priceless feeling!)

Yes, that may partly be because I am a bit of a geek (my boss says he loves watching me “get my geek on” when I am inspired by someone’s OnBase story), but it is also due to the great conference that Hyland puts on and the contagious energetic positive attitude of the Hyland staff.

See you in Vegas in less than three months!


Michelle Beal

Michelle Beal is the business systems analyst supervisor at Gleaner Life Insurance Society. She has been with Gleaner Life for 20 years, starting on the business side of operations and... read more about: Michelle Beal

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