10 ways Hyland Healthcare shined at #CommunityLIVE

In September, more than 2,100 customers, partners and prospects visited Cleveland to attend CommunityLIVE, Hyland’s annual user conference. Healthcare was a primary focus at the event, with a dedicated education track that attracted nearly 200 clients.

The five-day conference personified the importance of community in sharing best practices, knowledge and insights that can improve the value of Hyland technology to your healthcare organization.

Highlights of this year’s conference included:

1. Speed

Spectrum Health/Priority Health panelists discussed the value of data governance to create buy-in for a successful roll-out of new IT solutions. Spectrum Health is leveraging OnBase across clinical, revenue cycle, registration, HR and finance. Priority Health has 140 workflow lifecycles in production, 12 Workview applications and 45 million documents stored in OnBase.

Barbara Ebel-Langdon, senior application development analyst for OnBase at Priority Health, shared how the payer was able to utilize Workview to quickly address a new Medicaid requirement in six weeks versus the six months it would have taken previously.

2. Mobile

Ann Cote, associate director at NYU Langone, demonstrated the provider’s mobile patient registration, an innovation that achieved a HIMSS Davies award and resulted in annual savings in excess of $2.2 million.

The solution also helps cut registration time in half and gives patients the ability to review and sign forms in their native languages. Cote has continued the innovation on the mobile OnBase platform with the addition of eConsents, which have grown 79 percent since May of 2018.

3. Enterprise imaging

A panel of experts consisting of Dr. Cheryl Petersilge, CEO of Vidagos Advisors, Brian Bialecki, director of IT Standards and Interoperability at the American College of Radiology and Chris Magyar, senior product manager of Enterprise Medical Imaging at Hyland discussed the adoption and evolution of enterprise imaging among healthcare providers.

Key topics of discussion included the feasibility of conducting radiology reads from home and the security benefits of enterprise imaging as a result of reducing human touch points.

4. Generating revenue

Monica DeWitt, director of admissions and customer resources at Foundations Health Solutions (FHS), shared the post-acute care organization’s journey to connect the patient’s continuum of care and improve collaboration between healthcare providers.

The automation of FHS’ referral and admission process through OnBase improved the patient experience through dramatic time savings and resulted in $6.5 million in additional annual revenue and the McKnight’s Gold Award for Excellence in Technology.

5. A single view

In his keynote presentation, Hyland Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Ed McQuiston shared a video vignette featuring The Royal Marsden Hospital in London. The video detailed how the hospital is using OnBase as a bridge to an electronic medical record (EMR) by compiling all clinical documentation in a single digital view.

This “one pane of glass” as described by Royal Marsden Chief Financial Officer Marcus Thorman, has been instrumental in streamlining clinical workflows and improving patient care.

6. Solving issues

Ediz Tufekcioglu, CEO of EVET Solutions, a Hyland consultant, shared how he solved two business issues at UC Irvine Health. He outlined how to seamlessly link orders, results and progress notes while providing versioning using the Epic EMR and OnBase. He then demonstrated how to eliminate manual posting by bringing documents from banks into OnBase, and then abstracting details from the bank feed into Epic work queues for staff follow-up.

Tufekcioglu also facilitated the interactive Vertical OnBase Group of User Experts breakfast Q&A session, connecting people with questions to members of the community who shared their best practices.

7. Vendor neutral archive

Dr. William Way, director of Diagnostic Imaging at Wake Radiology, Jeff Agricola, IT manager at UNC Health Care and Brad Cook, applications developer at UNC Health Care provided a detailed overview of how UNC Health Care has evolved its vendor neutral archive (VNA) over the years.

Specifically, they discussed how they are capturing Point-Of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) images, storing them in the VNA and linking them back to their EMR using technologies from Hyland Healthcare. This effort has resulted in 5x increase in the number of POCUS exams billed and a 45 percent increase in Emergency Department faculty participation in POCUS billing.

8. Intelligent data capture

Aaron Koehler, solution owner, and Jessica Borer, solution architect at Hyland demonstrated how Brainware intelligent capture helps reduce medical records classification and extraction time by 70 to 90 percent.

Julia Tabaj, solution owner at Hyland, also spoke about a pilot of Brainware focused on automating the extraction of insurance card data for eligibility verification. Tabaj noted that the new solution will help address the 24 percent of claim denials that are related to registration and eligibility errors. She also shared a wide variety of solutions to add value to your EMR such as express scanning for HIM and a patient portal link to speed the patient registration process.

9. Healthcare interoperability

Janet King, senior director of Market Insights at HIMSS Media, gave a detailed presentation of the results of a health IT interoperability survey that was conducted this year in cooperation with Hyland. More than 145 healthcare professionals participated in the survey, and the challenges posed by unstructured data were a top concern among this group.

For example, 56 percent of those surveyed said that managing unstructured data is a key obstacle to improving interoperability and a more connected care experience. Similarly, respondents noted that 66 percent of their unstructured data is inaccessible for patient care decisions.

10. Reducing applications and costs

Bryan Welsh, manager of Clinical Information Systems at Hunterdon Healthcare provided an insightful presentation on how a smaller healthcare provider is benefitting from enterprise imaging. Specifically, he outlined the three-step process his organization took to reduce the number of EMRs and imaging applications in use by clinicians.

The result was a $200,000 annual reduction in maintenance costs and vastly improved clinical workflows.

See you in Nashville in 2020!

This is just a glimpse of the valuable healthcare information that experts shared at CommunityLIVE this year.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for education and networking next year. Plan to attend CommunityLIVE 2020 in Nashville, September 13-17.


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