10 things to take to #CommunityLIVE

Every time I talked to a Hyland employee or another OnBase user, I learned something I could take back to my organization to make everyone’s lives easier.”

– Sherry Cooney, senior programmer/analyst, Safe Auto Insurance Company

That’s one great reason to attend CommunityLIVE. But how do you best prepare for an event where you’ll be learning, networking and having fun for five days in a row?

Here are 10 things to take to maximize your time, investment and comfort:

1. Your agenda and goals

With more than 250 classes, you’ll want to figure out which ones you want to attend in advance and what you hope to learn

2. Plenty of business cards

Three networking events, 200 OnBase experts and 1,500+ OnBase users means many opportunities to connect with people who can help you take your solution to the next level

3. Layers of clothing

Unfortunately, we are not in charge of the temperature

4. Curiosity

50 computers and two self-paced labs means you’ll have the opportunity to check out what’s new in OnBase on your own

5. Listening ears

Don’t miss Guy Kawasaki, former advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google and chief evangelist of Apple, as he kicks off the event

6. Your voice

Get involved and contribute to the conversation!

7. Comfortable shoes

With plenty of things to see and do, make sure your feet won’t be sore as you visit all the sights and check out all the great sessions

8. Questions

With an easily approachable executive group and 200+ OnBase professionals, CommunityLIVE is a great opportunity to engage Hyland decision makers and developers

9. Advil

We like to have fun

10. A phone charger

I know, I know, but you can forget about this one anyway because both Tweet Suites will have mobile charging stations

There you go – 10 important things to bring to CommunityLIVE. Besides yourself. That might be the most important thing.

So if you haven’t already, don’t forget to register today!


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