Hyland named a ‘Strong Performer’ in Cloud-Based Dynamic Case Management

You can’t attend a technology conference, check out an industry pub or chat with an IT leader without hearing about the cloud. And the world of case management isn’t exempt to the current wave of cloud captivation.

Recently, Hyland was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud-Based Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2018. While this is the third report – and the third consecutive time Hyland has been included – it’s the first year Forrester added a robust cloud component to the evaluation.

In the report, Forrester commended Hyland for:

  • Being optimized for content-intensive cases
  • Content management and cloud capabilities – as we received the highest score possible in the content enablement and cloud experience categories
  • An enhanced mobile offering with a point-and-click responsive design tool
  • Straightforward case development with a metadata-driven architecture

We are ecstatic to be recognized for our strength in the case management – and cloud – space, as well as for the improvements we’ve made since the inaugural report back in 2014. Both OnBase by Hyland – our enterprise information platform that serves as a platform for dynamic case management (DCM) – and ShareBase by Hyland – our complementary cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration tool – were included in this year’s evaluation.

The move to the cloud

Over the past several years, we’ve been seeing more and more of our customers making the move toward cloud-based solutions. This is true across all our various product and solution offerings, including dynamic case management solutions. The vast majority of our cloud customers leverage the Hyland Cloud, our privately managed, multi-instance cloud we custom-designed to serve as the hosting platform for our cloud-based information applications.

A great success story is Functional Pathways, a leading provider of contract rehabilitation and therapy management services headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn. Working with OnBase solution provider LBMC Technology Solutions, Functional Pathways created a hosted OnBase case management application to strengthen client relationships and support its emerging client partnership strategy.

A 360-degree view of relationships and supporting information enables managers, VPs and executives to make better decisions and take actions required to strengthen valuable business partnerships. And with its case management application hosted securely in the Hyland Cloud, Functional Pathways enjoys needed flexibility and reliability while minimizing infrastructure requirements.

The many flavors of case management

For Hyland’s customers, case management comes with many options. Deploying in the cloud or on-premises is one of those choices.

Another choice involves the creation of the application itself. OnBase serves as a low-code application development platform that equips our customers to rapidly build unlimited case-based solutions, reusing elements like document, data and business rules, and personalizing the experience for different user roles. At the same time, we also offer point applications and accelerators – like our contract management point application – that address organizations’ common business problems and requirements by providing a repeatable solution to get up and running quickly and easily.

Content is still key

Whether you’re using a specifically tailored solution or a packaged case management application that’s cloud-based or on-premises, content is still the key to effective case management. That’s true if its photographic evidence in an investigation, an email between a client and a customer service rep or an incident report required for legal compliance.

Hyland equips organizations to natively “content-enable” case management applications built on the OnBase platform, providing access to needed information and documents without switching between applications. Our ability to deliver a range of content services not only sets us apart from other DCM vendors with a CRM or BPM heritage; it also meets the content-centric requirements we hear from organizations across industries, especially those that are document-intensive.

And, as you can tell, we’re proud to be recognized as a top performer in two content-centric Forrester Wave™ reports in 2017.

Cloudy, with a good chance of growth

Is the obsession with cloud going to dwindle in the face of other tech “hot topics” (artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, etc.) in the years to come?

All evidence points to the contrary. Cloud is a leading force in digital transformation. The cloud is often the underpinning architecture in new tech developments. And we predict our customers will continue to turn to the cloud more and more for success in case management and all things content services.

Download The Forrester Wave™: Cloud-Based Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2018 to discover why Hyland was named a ‘Strong Performer’ and things to keep in mind as you evaluate case management offerings.

Brenda Kirk joined Hyland, creator of OnBase, in 2000 and has since held several key positions in support of sales initiatives. She joined the company as an Accounting Manager serving Financial Services customers, was promoted to Director of Financial Services in 2002 and held that title until becoming VP of Sales, Americas, in 2005.

Under Brenda’s leadership, Hyland’s total revenues increased more than 96 percent. In 2010, she took on the newly created VP of Strategy post to help drive the company’s long-term strategic vision and aggressive growth goals.

She serves on the Foundation Board and also the Children’s Hospital VAC at MetroHealth Medical Center, one of the largest, most comprehensive public health care providers in Northeast Ohio.
Brenda Kirk

Brenda Kirk

Brenda Kirk joined Hyland, creator of OnBase, in 2000 and has since held several key positions in support of sales initiatives. She joined the company as an Accounting Manager serving... read more about: Brenda Kirk