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Getting meta about metadata: Connecting content to business transactions, part 2

In part one, I talked about why powerful metadata configuration should be a requirement for ECM solutions. I used invoices as our sample content type to show the value of being able to capture a comprehensive set of metadata. There may have even been a mention of bacon cheeseburgers. When you have flexible and thorough metadata capture, ECM can do even more than the already compelling storage and multiple-index retrieval story I told in the last post. We can use content for more than just supporting business processes – it can actually drive business processes.
PART I – Hyperbole in the cloud: Welcome to the Wild, Wild West

PART I – Hyperbole in the cloud: Welcome to the Wild, Wild West

But the cloud is not limited to silver linings. In fact, there’s a lot of vapor up there. This is an immature market that has just completed its second wave of incubation. There are no clear leaders yet. Literally thousands of startups and established vendors are vying for their piece of the pie. Commonly accepted standards, operating procedures and legal precedents don’t exist. We’re effectively witnessing a virtual land grab, not unlike the Western expansion experienced in the 19th Century.