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A Tale of Two Content Management Conferences: AIIM/info360 and Gartner PCC

A Tale of Two Content Management Conferences: AIIM/info360 and Gartner PCC

In the past two weeks, I attended AIIM/info360 in the nation's capital, immediately followed by a west coast enterprise tech party at the Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration (PCC) Summit in Los Angeles. Both events cover a broad range of topics and technologies under the ECM software market umbrella. However, the two conferences have historically offered very different perspectives - each focused on opposing ends of the ECM technology spectrum.
Gartner PCC, Day 1: Work-Life Integration 2.0 – The Empowered User

Gartner PCC, Day 1: Work-Life Integration 2.0 – The Empowered User

Our work and consumer worlds are colliding. But I'm not talking about how our experiences as consumers are making us want the same devices at work as we have at home (which is still very true!). At the keynote session of Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration (PCC), Gartner Fellow Tom Austin shared a new way to think about this work-life integration conundrum that even Dilbert is experiencing in this cartoon. Just like Dilbert, we all have lives outside of work. But, our roles as consumers (life) and employees (work) the lines are being blurred more and more. That blurring is apparent when we, the business people, are also the consumers who are demanding these changes in business. What changes are we asking for?
Live From info360 Is ECM Morphing Into the Platypus of Enterprise Software

Live From info360: Is ECM Morphing Into the Platypus of Enterprise Software?

If the session content being presented at the AIIM/info360 conference over the past two days is any indication, it appears that strong environmental factors (AKA, the market) are driving ECM vendors into a period of significant evolution and adaptation. Now you may be thinking: “Ok Burnsy, I get the idea that ECM vendors and their products need to evolve. But, c'mon dude, where are you going with the Platypus analogy? What does an egg-laying, venomous, duck billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal have to do with ECM software?” The answer to that lies in the usage scenarios ECM solutions are increasingly expected to address.
AIIM and Info360-Systems of Record vs. Systems of Engagement

AIIM and info360: Systems of Record vs. Systems of Engagement?

I'm spending the next day and a half in Washington, D.C. attending the info360 conference (formerly known as the AIIM Conference & Exhibition). This has always been the showcase event for all the vendors and technologies that fall under the enterprise content management (ECM) market umbrella. At its core, however, the big focus has been on ECM offerings that support transaction processing and formal record keeping (i.e. systems of record).
Are you ready for the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 release

Are you ready for the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 release?

After many months of beta, Microsoft will be officially releasing Internet Explorer 9 tonight at 9 p.m. PT. There's been plenty of talk around the pros and cons of the features and functionality. Some highlights: It has a brand new scripting engine under the covers thats's expected to render many websites and web-based products faster (possibly 10 times faster!). It’s definitely an improvement and a continual step forward by Microsoft. Chances are very good that you’re going to want to get it rolled out throughout the company. But are you ready for it? Here's the problem. The new scripting engine from Microsoft is significantly different from all prior versions, and although Microsoft has made attempts to make web-based products run the same as they did in IE8, there’s no guarantee. This means that if you are running any web-based products that you’ve built or bought, those products may not work properly, or at all, on IE9. Clearly, this could result in a disruption of your business processes.
A lesson in data storage, starring WikiLeaks and pizza

A lesson in data storage, starring WikiLeaks and pizza

How many scanned electronic documents might represent 5GB of storage space? This is the question posed to me last week by New York Times reporter Nelson Schwartz. You can read more about why he wanted to know in his article “Facing Threat From WikiLeaks, Bank Plays Defense” (see page two, paragraph one). My response? That’s like figuring out how many slices of pizza fit in a large pizza box. The answer depends on how large the slices are. A pizza box could hold 100 little slices or eight large slices. Similarly, the size of electronic documents absolutely impacts the answer to the original question. Before we start calculating, we need to understand that calculations are based on pages, not documents. This is an important distinction. Documents can vary in the number of pages, so we count pages to get an accurate picture. There are then a number of variables which will profoundly impact the final size of an electronic document.