The Future of ECM: History with a Modern Twist

Sure, social, mobility and user experience are the hot topics at Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration (PCC). But on day one of PCC, Gartner’s ECM analysts were not shy about reminding attendees that strategy is key.

After all, you can learn about portals, cloud, content, social and video, but if you don’t have a strategy and corresponding goals in place … Well, have fun navigating the world of buzzwords.

After four meetings with Gartner enterprise content management (ECM) analysts and attending three sessions on the Content and Information Management track Monday, it was apparent that PCC is that world of buzzwords. I can imagine a lot of attendees felt lost and overwhelmed. Not sure where we’re going? Join the crowd.

But, fear not! It’s not all unchartered territory, says esteemed analyst Ken Chin, but rather history with a modern twist. That’s the overall theme he shared during his presentation, “The Future of ECM.”

Refresh Your Strategy to Stay Competitive
According to Chin, the volume of created content is increasing by 50 percent year-over-year, and 80 percent of that content is unstructured (word processing documents, PDF files, e-mail messages, blogs and web pages) and 90 percent of that is unmanaged (Well, hello, compliance and imaging problem!). How are you going to manage all of that new content in your organization? What is the cost of doing nothing?

Imaging and capture technology has been around for more than a score, and you may even have a strategy built around that technology. But according to Chin’s presentation, the initiatives in organizations continue to strengthen and are being driven by not only the addition of all of that content, but also new compliance and regulations.

The takeaway: Refresh that imaging and capture strategy to stay competitive!

Beat the Competition by Understanding Your Needs
While all of that newly created content is daunting, consider this: combining the content you are capturing and storing in your ECM solution, you can use the workflow capabilities inherent in your ECM software to maximize value. Chin alluded to optimizing investments by understanding your organization’s needs and the level of desired ECM maturity that will be achieved.

The future of ECM consists of new delivery models, mobility, hybrid models, and so forth. While it may seem perplexing and messy, there is certainly opportunity for your organization to thrive, get organized and be more competitive. If your content is not captured and stored, it will be difficult to take advantage of new trends. But, when history repeats itself again, you will be prepared and ready to take on the new, cutting edge developments that will set your organization ahead of the competition.

What ECM initiatives are being refreshed in your organization? What does the future of ECM strategy look like for you? Stay tuned for more from Gartner PCC and be a part of the conversation on Twitter at #GartnerPCC.

Lindsay McCune

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