Small changes – big impact: How Hyland integrates OnBase and DocuSign to eliminate process bottlenecks

Sometimes small changes make a big impact in the way an organization works. Here at Hyland, we were paper-free in many of our processes for years, but we were still printing legal agreements to apply ink signatures — and scanning them back into OnBase for storage after they were finalized. This slowed down our legal department and affected any area of the business that required contracts or other legal documents.

Sound familiar? You may experience the same “process-killing” issues, like tracking down an executive to sign a document, which can be labor-intensive (especially if they travel the globe). And if your organization experiences the growth that we had, you have to ship documents to remote offices for signatures as well.

All of the effort required to track down signers and physically place documents in front of them (with a pen) really slows down a process and creates unnecessary bottlenecks. And if you’ve already invested in systems to automate your process, it can be frustrating to have business grind to a halt while waiting to obtain that signature.

One integration – countless benefits

It doesn’t have to be this way, and Hyland’s legal team has seen a huge change in their processing times since choosing to use an integrated DocuSign-OnBase solution for signatures. In fact, of the more than 5,000 documents sent out for signing in the past year, roughly half were completed in less than an hour.  Almost 75 percent were returned within a day, and only a fraction of the documents took more than a week to complete.

Hyland chose DocuSign for the cloud-signing capability to accommodate executive travel and remote offices, but the fact that OnBase integrates easily with DocuSign is also a major plus. Adding signatures to the process didn’t require a huge change to the established process, it just added a layer of convenience to an already-automated process.

Executive buy-in

Chris Hyland is one of the executives impacted frequently by the signing process, and is a big fan of the automated solution. The flexibility and simplicity of the solution has eliminated the barrier that signatures often presented in the pen-and-paper system.

“It’s easy to use and incredibly efficient,” said the EVP and Chief Financial Officer. “I use it every day.”

Instead of chasing down signatures, the legal team has been able to concentrate on the ever-increasing demands that come with expanding the company. They love how easy it is to send a document to DocuSign from OnBase, track the progress of the document, and ultimately complete the signing cycle in a fraction of the time.

Noreen Kilbane, EVP and Chief Administrative Officer at Hyland, appreciates the expedited process because it moves business forward at a faster pace.

“Hyland’s use of the OnBase Integration for DocuSign® eSignature has removed one of the bottlenecks in our sales/order process,” she said. “I can be physically anywhere at any time and have the ability to sign documents.”

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Carolyn Kane

Carolyn Kane

Carolyn Kane has been an OnBase product evangelist since 2009. With a background in digital communication and design, she specializes in integrations, electronic forms, signatures, and correspondence management. She shares... read more about: Carolyn Kane

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