OnBase & DocuSign: From software integration to process integration

Any technology veteran can tell you that integrating software isn’t about enabling two different applications to “talk” to each other. Successful integrations are about fusing the business processes in a way that makes sense (and doesn’t create more work for users).

Integrating your enterprise content management (ECM) system with an electronic signature solution is no different. Instead of focusing on how the two applications work together, it’s important to consider whether the process will be intuitive and flow logically for users. In the end, digitizing a process won’t bring value to anyone if it adds more steps or opportunity for error!

Processes involving signatures are often complex and require a certain amount of flexibility. Our workflow software offers easily configurable solutions for complex processes, while DocuSign offers powerful options for customizing your signature process.

When you merge the two products, you have a game-changer!

Integration: The best of both worlds

In OnBase 17, the Integration for DocuSign eSignature offers the ability to upload a document to DocuSign and automatically match the DocuSign Template and signer roles. This means that users can create, process, and approve documents using OnBase and then seamlessly enter a DocuSign signature process when ready.

Using a pre-configured template, DocuSign is able to control the signature process, including user authentication, signing order, notifications, and conditional logic. Once signed, the document is immediately returned to OnBase, where you can use workflow for further processing or notifications.

For many documents, the process doesn’t end after someone signs it – the document may undergo further examinations, approvals, or audits. An important enhancement for the integration in OnBase 17 provides the option to automatically ingest the DocuSign certificate of completion with the signed document for archive in the OnBase repository.

This ensures that you securely store the certificate alongside the document and retain them according to industry or government mandates.

You asked for it, we delivered

When you integrate your processes, your customers don’t have to endure unnecessary steps like re-keying information or manually uploading documents. The Integration for DocuSign eSignature provides a seamless hand-off between OnBase and DocuSign when documents are ready for the next stage in the business process, while maintaining the document security that your organization requires.

Customer feedback – and our commitment to executing on customer feedback – drove the enhancements to the integration in OnBase 17 by leveraging our strong OnBase and DocuSign relationship.

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Carolyn Kane

Carolyn Kane

Carolyn Kane has been an OnBase product evangelist since 2009. With a background in digital communication and design, she specializes in integrations, electronic forms, signatures, and correspondence management. She shares... read more about: Carolyn Kane

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