Live from Deltek Insight 2013: Creativity sparks IT Innovation

Creativity is the new corporate capital – and if your organization is to be successful, breaking out of your standard business routines is essential.

During Tuesday’s general session at Deltek Insight 2013, keynote speaker and graffiti artist Erik Wahl emphasized the need for IT to embrace creativity to truly be innovative in their organizations.

Erik Wahl at Deltek Insight 2013

Erik Wahl at Deltek Insight 2013

“How are you going to reignite your own artistry as a leader – as an IT professional – to build out new solutions and ideas?” he asked more than 2,400 conference attendees.

While innovation can be overwhelming, there are simple steps you can take to transform the way your organization conducts business. Start by eliminating paper and related manual-based processes.

By implementing technology like document management, commonly known as enterprise content management (ECM), you reduce operating costs, improve customer service and mitigate risk associated with audits, litigation and disasters. ECM streamlines processes by removing the paper, speeding up the time to make decisions, which, ultimately, impacts your bottom line by decreasing costs.

ECM software also lets your staff focus on real innovation. Rather than spending their time scanning, filing and searching for information, all content is instantly accessible in a central repository, allowing them to focus on more high-value tasks.

The key to innovation? Dream big, but start realistically with one department or process you want to transform. By taking simple steps – like digitizing documents – you’ll be on the path to transforming the way you do business.

As Wahl explained, it’s essential for you to “break outside of business as usual.” Transforming the way you handle information does just that.

Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti

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